Sources of Sodium & Chloride


Hi all!

I have a question regarding Sodium Chloride, as Table Salt. From my limited observation so far, I have determined that while 2.0g of table salt does not necessarily equal 2.0g of sodium, my calculations become even more useless in recognizing that I do not have a suitable nutritional reference.

This becomes even more hopeless as I attempt to calculate the values of Chloride within Sodium Chloride. I notice that while 2.0g of Sodium will likely be enough for most, Rob’s Updated Recommended Values recommend 3.4g of Chloride. Where else may this be obtained if not from table salt, and if only from table salt - what would the appropriate amount be to consume to acquire 3.4g of Chloride, and 2.0g of Sodium?

I hope my questions have been clear. Thanks to everyone in advance for their help!


Last time i checked, from ordinary tablesalt you absorbed aprox 40% sodium and 50% chloride and some other stuff. One tsp = 5g and that should be enough, although a little over the top on sodium. Chloride is in other foodstuffs aswell, but not always mentioned. I wonder if my potassiumchloride tablets release chloride in a absorbable form. No amount of googling can tell me that, although i suspect it is so.


I have a similar concern too. I just need a salt for chloride and sodium. All of them contain Iodine which I’d prefer not to take from salt. Most regular salts do not even display their exact contents in a specific way…


The following link doesn’t say anything about how well which component is absorbed, but the percentages of what’s in it may help you:

Table salt is 39,3% Sodium and 60,7% Chloride.
This means that 5g table salt consist of 1,97g Sodium and 3,03g Chloride.

If you want a bit more Chloride, you can buy “Low Sodium Salt” and replace some of the table salt with it. Most of the time (do check though) “Low Sodium Salt” is part table salt (NaCl), and part Potassium Chloride (KCl). Doing this can save you a penny or two on your potassium source too!

@sogviper: In most countries, if a salt displays no ingredients on the packaging, it is just that - table salt, NaCl. When there’s extra Iodine in it, it will usually say.


Thank you for the detailed information @CuriousBen! This is exactly what I and others have been looking for. :slight_smile: