Sourcing from Amazon. comments welcome


I put together a spread sheet from rob’s original serving sizes and sourced nearly all of it from amazon already.
how does this look to everyone else? but based on the fact that the kick starter will most likely take off and i can just buy it pre-made I may not ever need to use this.


whoa! Very cool! thank you! image


This spreadsheet is great! but I can’t find carbs.


It looks great! If I have some spare time later, I might double check your links and look for some of the missing items.


Amazing man! Keep up the awesome work. I definitely will be purchasing some stuff soon.


Awesome! Anyone in/around Dallas want to go in with me?


I made a similar spreadsheet but in mine basically all of the ingredients are from NOW Foods. The total price comes out to about the same. Almost all of the supplements from NOW Foods come in the exact right measurement for a daily amount, so you just have to empty a single capsule into the mix each day, no measuring needed.




I was looking at your source for potassium (Potassium Gluconate). The dose you list is the suggested dose on the bottle, but it is only 15% of daily needs, so the daily cost would come closer to $0.50 instead of $0.10 if you want your full day’s worth. I thought that the daily cost seemed quite low. I should double check on some of the others %DV’s and cost analysis, but regardless of that I still very much appreciate this spreadsheet.


all the dose values are from robs blog post. the sheet is entirely formula based so its easy to change any thing like that and still have it up to date


If Rob was taking 3.5 g/day of Potassium Gluconate, then how did he overdose by taking 9g/day of Potassium Gluconate? If 3.5 g is only 15% of the daily value, that would put him at less than 40% of the daily recommended value.


I take 3.5g of Potassium, that’s ~21g of Potassium Gluconate. Use the molar mass to calculate the proportions.


Good thing the potassium intake from the gluconate is so low, because then you would overdose on K by taking the potassium chloride…


Potassium Gluconate - C6H11KO7

		Mass Percent

Carbon 30.7645 %
Hydrogen 4.7332 %
Potassium 16.6911 %
Oxygen 47.8112 %

21g*0.166911 = 3.55g


Thanks for the great links. In return, here’s how I would tweak your list:






Vitamin D

Fish oil


Found a slightly more economical calcium, much better iodine, pantothenic acid. And you may ignore my iron choice. It’s gluconate, but your original choice gives more grams of iron to the dollar.

I should also comment that I found a lot of these by going over other people’s lists. Thanks to alexkirp, unordinare, and karlimcbryde for posting their ingredient lists.


We should probably have a community based list that people can update as they find better solutions. This way, all the work you guys are doing isn’t lost or incoherent for new users. A google docs list might help, or something similar.


im all for updating this and taking suggestions. this was made based off of my findings of looking around amazon for a couple days. obviously i cant just leave the spreadsheet open it would go to hell within minutes but i will definitely take suggestions on items and update it accordingly.


That works. You should maybe put it in the google+ group so those people have access. It won’t be truly public and you will still have the ability to add to it


i just added it there