Sourcing individual Micro Nutrients


I have hit the ceiling on my own recipe. I only have a couple more tweaks that I can do to it with the current method of purchasing vitamins. I now need to move onto the next level to make sure that I can keep my micros in check.

I haven’t done much research into purchasing individual micros to mix together. Does anyone have sources that they use for this? Basically I need to eliminate the multi vitamin as I am going too high on certain micros, and I don’t have a way of decreasing them without dropping calories. Also I can’t really drop any more calories, as I am already starting to get hungry again.
Or if I can find a multi vitamin that does not contain any iron or manganese then that would be perfect too. I looked into the build your own multi vitamin websites, but they were far too expensive. I think the starting price before adding any micros was $32, and after I built my micro profile it was around $90 for a month supply.
I will probably start doing more research into this on the weekend, but I figured I would try and get a head start here.


This might be a good place to start. Comparing multivitamins is probably the most tedious part of creating a recipe (assuming your recipe calls for one), but it’s worth it if you can find something that fits well.

I’m not sure what else you need in terms of micros, but these are what I’ve ordered, if that’s any help.


Thanks for the reply, but I have already been through those. I am actually using a version of the Nature Made right now. The problem though is those vitamins have abhorrent amounts of some things. The first link had a vitamin that had 2,000% of Niacin. While I applaud them for adding in Nicotinic acid rather than the cheap niacinamide, that is still way too much Niacin.

So my goal is to source individual micros to finish up my recipe. Which may make this undertaking a bit more difficult.


You could use spirutein. Slightly more expensive than a multi but cheaper than the make your own vitamin sites.


FYI, I have found two sources. I am not compiling what I need, and then I will calculate the costs:


Wait, you think $3/day is too high?


My formula is closer to $8 a day. Not sure where the $3 came from.

My issue is that I have too much Iron in my diet, and before that I had too much Manganese. I have already written a new recipe, but my spreadsheet decided to die on me, so I need to fix a bunch of things.


you could go with this , blenderize it, add some b12 and have all your macro/ micros for about 3.24 a day, so yeh, 3 bucks a day for vitamins alone? that like my electric bill and the cable / internet.


My bad, I didn’t realize you were just referring to the vitamins. I was just a little frustrated at that point because my Google Doc of my formula messed up and I had to rebuild it.

I actually found my solution and it is about $.26 a day. Most of the ingredients in bulk will last me several years so the cost per day is pretty much 0. Although it will cost me around $150 initially to purchase all of them. I will review my recipe again later, and then I will probably start ordering ingredients again.


Did you find a good site where you could buy individual vitamins and minerals?


In fact I just ordered a bunch from there a few minutes ago. They are pretty cheap, and it appears they did a lot of testing with there stuff. They even have somethings that they advertise, but regular people aren’t allowed to purchase. I’ll be trying out my new recipe probably in a week or two to see how well it works.
It should be quite a bit healthier, and it is one of my cheaper iterations.