Soy flour as a primary protein source


I’m looking for an alternative protein source to supplement my oat flour and hopefully take care of all the protein I need in my daily mix.

Is there a reason soy flour is not used? I’ve seen a few reference to soy protein isolate but not flour. Looking at various nutrient profiles it looks like it could be ideal.

soy flour defatted - nutrition facts

The copper, manganese, folate, and magnesium is a bit high but I believe 100g’s could be worked into a recipe without getting close to any limits. It would provide a massive 50g of protein at very little cost.

This would enable me to supplement with a smaller amount of more expensive whey and use that more for just my after workout shakes.

So is there anything I’m missing with this? Does anyone have a good source for it? So far I’ve found…

Amazon - Bob’s lowfat soy flour

And Honeyville has a 50 pound monster sack of “bakers” soy flour for $55.

EDIT: So after some more research I have found “textured vegetable protein” which I’ve heard of before, I know its popular in a lot of health food concoctions. Under ingredients it lists one ingredient “defatted soy flour”, ahhh, is this what I’m looking for?

Amazon - tvp


It works pretty darn well. :smile:

It’s got a neutral, slightly nutty soy flavor when its plain. The texture is horrible. Still working on that.


Ah, nice recipe, neutral and nutty sounds good. What kind of bad texture does it have? Right now my problem with either oat, almond, or masa flour is a grittyness, not sure which one it is or possibly a little of all. I was thinking of blasting the textured vegetable protein nuggets with a blender to see if it turns into something acceptable in liquid form.


Very chalky and raspy from the soy flour/corn starch. . I’m buying some xanthan gum and dissolving soy lecithin in the oil to see if that helps. I’m also considering pre-cooking the starch and flour. There’s a gritty/raspy aftertexture to it that makes it unpleasant.

Other than the texture issues, it’s great!