Soy Flour for Protien?


So I plan on making my own soylent and using soy flour as my primary Protien Source. Is this a bad Idea? Is there any reason Whey Protien would be a better options?


Not sure if this had been answered in your other threads or not.
Make sure that soy protein has enough of all essential amino acids. I know that whey protein does.
Just do a forum search for amino acid and read up.


Couple problems ive heard of or experienced with soy protein: doesnt blend well at all, so you get something very chalky. Tastes awful on its own. Is not a “complete” protein in that it is missing certain essential amino acids (though you could supplement those). Whey protein seems to avoid these issues fairly well


I can reiterate what was said about horrible flavor. I used to have some in my recipe. It is just not a good ingredient. Try soy protein powder which tastes edible


Soy’s not good for dudes.


Soy protein is also an allergen.
Make sure and check first so that you are not allergic to the stuff.


Soy has an extremely high amount of phytoestrogen which is dangerous for the health of both men and women

The rule of thumb if you’re bent on consuming soy is no more than a total of a serving and a half of soy product over the course of a day. This isn’t of course perfect, and everyone’s body will react differently (I for one am rather sensitive to soy), but minimizing soy intake is certainly a safe thing to do. A google search on ‘the dangers of soy’ will bring many articles up to read as well. I kept that one because it gives a good full overview.