Soy in Soylent 2.0


I see some controversy coming on this one.

Holiday Gift Giving of Soylent 2.0 Didn't Go As Expected - Blame "SOY"

That was my first thought as well, even though I don’t have any issues with soy. From the Ars article:

There are some public concerns about high consumption of soy, but Rhinehart is quick to dismiss them. “Because we’re not using whole soy, we’re just using the protein isolate…the isoflavone levels are much lower than what they would be in soy flour or tofu. There are some levels, but they’re well below any that have shown to have an effect,” he explained. “There was somewhat specious research in the past on what impact soy can have on testosterone levels and those have been widely debunked. We’ve certainly done our research here and we’ll be posting our analysis on the Web as well.”


I thought the same thing… And I don’t have an issue with Soy either… Soy is litterally EVIL in the media or in the world of nutrition perspective wise*. I wonder if this protein will be safe for people with Soy allergies?


:frowning: Can we stop with “Hitler” references for every thing?

I’m one of those who can’t consume Soy. Trace amounts are one thing, but soy triggers my IBS; It’s not a hormonal thing for me (though I’m not convinced there aren’t adverse effects on estrogen levels). I hope this doesn’t reflect the changes for 1.6. I’ve been eager to restart my subscription. This (IBS triggering) also applies to carageenan (why I didn’t restart my subscription for 1.5).

With each iteration, Soylent is getting further and further away from something I can consume. It makes me sad, but finding something for the masses is the main goal, so I get it. Just means I’ll have to go back to making my own.


“Soy is literally hitler in the media”

Can we stop using “literally” when “figuratively” is clearly meant?


What are the advantages of soy over rice?


I obviously meant it in the internet slang/meme way. (It simply translates to being called evil… Hello I am from the interwebs)


I got that. I know how it’s used and how it’s being translated. I still think people need to stop using Hitler as the go-to meme for something other than genocide.


Ok now lets stop talking about it further :sweat_smile:
Going to delete my post just to avoid more problems. But I will say that making a bigger deal out of it just makes it worse… It ended up being mentioned multiple times instead of just once.


Hitler would have kept talking about it until the Allies made him shut up.


CSPI overview of soy controversy.

TL;DR: Science suggests it’s harmless, Internet “experts” suggest it’s the worst thing since vaccination.


I’m soy protein sensitive and would have to abandon Soylent completely if they switched over to that as the protein source. Soy protein makes me bloated and makes me jet-lag like sleepy. I don’t really have the time to commit to full DIY :’(


You know who else thought people needed to stop using Hitler as the go-to meme for something other than genocide?


How did you find out you were Soy protein sensitive if I may ask? Have you by any chance tried Soy protein isolate? Same question for @soylentnoise

It isn’t like you are fatally allergic to it, correct? So I was curious to find out if you were willing to at least try Soylent with the Soy protein and see if it actually gives you those symptoms?

(Did you have a doctor specifically tell you that was the problem you have, or is it your own conclusion?)


Yeah, mine is a food intolerance. Legit. Medically diagnosed. With IBS, different food in tolerances for different folks. Soy is one of mine. Can create intense pain (was one of those idiots who ran into ER thinking they were having a heart attack once).


I was adding soy protein isolate to my Soylent. Once I stopped, I didn’t get bloated and insanely tired.


Maybe thats why RL is still continuing shipping 1.5.


I’m highly allergic to soy. It’s baaaaaaad. Also, hormone positive breast cancer = no soy. So, does this mean I have to say goodbye to Soylent?


Not necessarily. According to many discussions, the kind of Soy used doesn’t affect most people allergic to Soy. Hopefully someone will fill you in on the details or provide a link.


No it means you can’t say hello to the premixed Soylent.