Soy sauce to curb cravings


I’ve noticed before when going on a 100% Soylent diet, that after a little while I would get very strong cravings for normal food.

I had long suspected that this could be due to Sodium.

So recently I experimented with using Soy Sauce to curb these urges. It worked!

A few days ago around evening time I suddenly got a strong urge to go out and eat something savoury. So instead, I poured a bit of soy sauce in a spoon and began slowly taking small sips. (It’s very strong so it’s difficult to take it all at once).

It was weird but within a minute I felt my craving was more or less satisfied.

Other ways I’ve been ingesting it:

  • Dilute it with water in a cup (imagine that it’s a cold soup)
  • Mix it with the Soylent
    • When mixing it with Soylent 2.0 in small amounts, you get a pleasant taste.
    • When mixing it with Soylent 1.5 there’s a chance it will sink to the bottom of the cup if you make the drink thick, so when mixing in soy sauce, I would still add water to dilute the thickness

Curios to see if it’s just me or if this would work for other people as well

Well...I'm back, and things are new

Have you tried just adding a little salt to your Soylent? That would be an interesting test to see if it really is the sodium that is causing your cravings.


Oddly enough I don’t have table salt in my place xD


Salt is cheap and lasts basically forever.


I find myself eating salt and hot sauce.

I’ll have to try the soy sauce next time i feel the urge.


Hm, salt and hot sauce might be more effective as it gives you more of the flavor your brain is used to, where as soy sauce is this weird asian flavor.


Seeing that the Asian population is the largest in the world, might be more accurate to say, “… whereas salt and hot sauce is this weird Anglo flavor.”


Not addressing the first part, but the shipping bit: reshippers will ship anywhere. I used a reshipper for Soylent for quite some time, as RL didn’t ship to my country for the longest time. (now they do - Canada) It adds cost, but makes it possible - and actually quite easy, too! (surprisingly)


It was a joke.  


Anglo flavor is not “usual” for me. Hot sauce is common across the world whether you’re in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, India, and even a lot of East Asia.


It was a joke.  


Small update:

Since the soy sauce is a bit strong and difficult to consume directly, I switched to strained tomatoes sauce and salt. Two tables spoons of the sauce and some salt (to taste?). Does the trick nicely and is much easier to consume.


Or you can just drink some V8 juice.


I’ve done extended juice fasts in the past, and when I had a craving for salt I would make a tiny cup of miso soup from a packet.


Right, or just an ordinary bouillon cube, in a coffee cup of water, in the microwave “beverage” setting, stir, sip.