Soy vs. Oat flour


I know some of you out there swear by corn flour, but I’m not about to go down that route.
I was wondering if anybody has any info weighing in favor of soy vs. oat flour.

I know that soy flour gives more protein and potassium, which would allow me to cut back on the KCl and whey powder I’ve been using, which would certainly save money.
I considered combining the two, but I’m more interested in simplicity than perfection.

Additionally, has anyone ever baked/cooked with soy flour before? I’m concerned that the combination of soy protein + whey protein would move my soylent from bread to chewing gum…


Also, has anyone considered triticale as an alternative flour source? it’s cheaper and has less carbs and more fiber and potassium than even oat flour, but less protein.


well i know some have considered normal flour, etc. But that Oat flour is preferred because of the slow GI value, and it can have alot of carbs and proteins in it, and some minerals.


Comparing soy flour with oat flour on nutrition data. Both of them have the same glycemic load, soy flour is gauged as less inflammatory, is a nearly complete protein source, and has more fiber.

My major concerns, I guess, would be the texture change of the mix and the additional phytic acid content with its chelating effect on such a precisely calibrated diet. Hmmmn… wondering if there was an easy way to calculate how much chelation occurs and how it affects nutrition balance…