Soybean Oil vs.?


Question for the community at large: when I started the DIY soylent, I browsed through a few recipes here, and many seemed to favor soybean oil. It seems to me that many other oils (olive, coconut, etc.) would be better, both in nutrition and flavor. Other than price, is there a reason that soybean oil seems to be a favorite?


I see that no one ever responded to the message above, and now I have a similar question. I’m currently using several different DIY blends, most of which involve mixing oil. The instructions for all but one of them call for canola/olive oil, or aren’t specific about the type of oil. There’s one exception that calls for soybean oil. I asked the seller about this and he said that soybean oil has some nutrients that canola doesn’t, namely Vitamin K and some Omega-something-or-other.

So at the moment I keep two different bottles of oil, but I’m wondering if soybean oil has any deficiencies, nutritionally speaking, compared to canola or olive oil. Or could I substitute soybean into any recipe that calls for canola/olive and not lose anything?

Keeping two bottles of oil isn’t that big of a deal, but it does take up some shelf space I’d rather dedicate to something else. Plus, I have an upcoming road trip where I’m planning to bring powdered foods along, and bringing one bottle of oil would be much easier than two.


hey I’ve been running on just Zoye soybean oil for my omega 3 & 6, but I’m doing People Chow 3.0.1. I have some avacado oil from my very first batch of diy soylent (can’t remember the recipe), that was how I got my Vitamin E.

I did find a list of oils and their 3:6 ratio with some other details, though don’t take this list to be your last source.


It’s popular because most people based their recipe off of People Chow and didn’t bother to change the oil. I personally use avocado oil in my recipe.