SoyHD Recipe - opinions?


Hi there! Here is my recipe, after a great deal of tweaking I’m almost ready to begin a trial. Apart from a somewhat high chloride level, it has a nice low cost and my preliminary test with the main basic ingredients tasted great! It just seems too good to be true, so I’d greatly appreciate some input on this.

I’m considering taking down the levels of Lo Salt and finding other sources to better balance the sodium and potassium levels. What do you think?


Here are my thoughts (I am not a medical professional, just a keyboard warrior. Take all of this info with a grain of Lo Salt).

  1. Lo Salt contains a minimum of 66% Potassium Cloride (KCl)
  2. KCl is also sold as a medicine (Potassium supplement)
  3. It’s sold in 600mg (8mEq) or 750mg (10mEq) extended release tablets, with daily doses ranging from ~20-100mEq.
  4. Your recipe calls for 11g of Lo Salt, which is at least 7260mg KCl
  5. Your recipe falls just shy (96.8%) of the maximum daily dose.
  6. The side-effects and overdose symptoms sound pretty nasty.
  7. Please don’t drink this stuff. You’ll hurt yourself.

[EDIT] And yet, the numbers do check out. It just seems weird that that only a couple times the daily requirement of KCl is prescribed to people with the most severe Potassium deficiencies. shrug Good luck with your trials.


Thank you very much for your input! Very fair point, so I’ve made some tweaks.

Lo Salt down to 5g (from 11g)
Regular salt added 2g (to increase Sodium content)
Potassium Gluconate added 6g (to increase Potassium content)

This all seems a lot more reasonable. You’re right, it was odd that it seemed to add up before but I think it was still prudent to alter a little bit (or was it? anyone else?). I’ll definitely make sure some of these finer points are better researched before I take the plunge.

So, how does this all look now? Is there something drastic I’m overlooking regarding potassium content? Thank you!


Couple of things since I did very similar recipe here.

  1. Get the flaxseeds down. I’ve also thought of getting a lot of them since they seems quite nice, but they add ALOT of Omega-3 in the form of ALA, which is something not yet fully studied long-term. It should be mostly harmless, and you’ll also get some of it converted to EPA and DHA, but not nearly enough. For reference take a look here. Make sure you read it all :smile: Instead up the olive oil and dump the sunflower one. Take Fish oil supplements like me.
  2. Get rid of the MSM and the Sulphate unless you need Sulphur for some condition. As @rob confirmed in this thread our findings, protein should be enough to get you the sulfur. You can lookup your protein here to make sure (I did - it contains 2.916 grams in your 81 grams dose).

Otherwise very nice recipe :thumbsup: One note - take the flax seeds ground, otherwise you’ll have bowel problems :smile: You can compensate for any fibers with gum arabic, just as the official Soylent is doing


Wow, thank you so much for the input @Stoinov, very insightful and much appreciated!

  1. I like your recipe a lot and I think you’re quite right about the flaxseed. I’m thinking I’ll try to match your balance, 10g of flaxseed and 33g of olive oil makes a lot of sense to me, and ditching the sunflower oil can’t be a bad move in the long run. Fish oil would be a great way to balance this out. This will be some hardcore tweaking to my delicate balance, so I’ll play around with that when I get the chance.

  2. Really interesting about the MSM, I was not aware of that! So I’ve halved the dose of MSM to 3g (perhaps bad science, but I might as well use it up…) and added 0.9g of sulphur to my Protein Powder’s nutritional information. By my calculations: (2.916g / 81g) * 25 = 0.9g (per 25g serving, my ingredient’s default)

Indeed, I’ll be grinding the flaxseeds up. Awesome advice about Gum Arabic too, I’ll read up about these various additives/emulsifiers when I get the chance and maybe give them a whirl.

By all accounts I’m almost ready to go on beta testing of this recipe. Exciting! Thanks for your help and your kind words!


I checked again the SAA for the whey (I guess I was sleepy last night) and it’s 3,564 for 81 and 4.4 for 100g. so you get 1.1g per serving.


No problem! Thanks for letting me know, I’ve made the tweak now, doesn’t change too much. I’ve nipped my protein content down a gram to 80g now, might ramp that up later to better reflect my exercising but right now it’s a comfortable maintenance recipe and exactly £3/day, so I’m enjoying this until it all changes when I start trying to optimise the flaxseed/oil ratios!


Yes, a nice round number :smile: the target of every OCD person :smiley:
let me know if you have any troubles with your recipe in the future. And definitely post some results back so we can all learn :wink:


@Stoinov based upon your recommendations, I have put together a prototype v2 of my recipe, if you have time could you have a look and let me know what you think? :slight_smile:

Main changes:

  1. Ramped flaxseed right down from 44>20g
  2. Bumped up Olive Oil from 7.5ml>30ml
  3. Added Omega 3 tablets (the ones i found have tons of EPA+DHA)

The main problem is that I couldn’t get rid of the sunflower oil without slashing my Omega 6 intake. Currently, my Omega 6:3 ratio is 2.83:1 and most of the research seems to suggest that it should be somewhere within 4:1 to 1:1. Without the Sunflower Oil, the ratio isn’t far off 1:1, but my DRI for Omega 6 is down to 29%.

Perhaps its not so bad that I have sunflower oil? However, with the sunflower oil, my fat intake is up to 128% which is a little higher than I’d like. My omega 3 isn’t so high (neither is the ALA proportion) and the two oils plus the tablets are essentially my only fat source, now that far less of it is coming from the flaxseed.

Any thoughts on what I’ve done here? Am I just mindlessly chasing green boxes, or is this a good/realistic recipe? Many thanks again!


I checked your Omega-6 RDA and it seems like this is more like the upper bound of the recommendation. As noted you could go with 4-8% of your energy intake, which at 2000 kcal is about 80-160 kcal or 8,9-17,8 g of Omega-6 daily. What is more Japan lowers it for people that eat a lot of fish, which is Omega-3 basically. My suggestion is to lower the Sunflower oil to 5ml.

As for the the vegetable Omega-3, it is in ALA form, which the body needs to convert in EPA and DHA. Unfortunately for men, that process is very ineffective as per my previously linked article. So we need a lot of ALA, or just a way to get EPA and DHA directly, which means fish. So if you get adequate intake of the hard to obtain fatty acids, you could easily cut back the other Omega-3 sources, such as flaxseeds. The tablets are OK, but I think these have more value in them, even with lower content per pill. 2 of your current pick equals 3 of my recommendation, so you could just switch to them at some point. Also you could space the intake to 1-2 tablets with each meal and potentially evade any unwanted side effects that may arise of high dose fish oil intake.

So to recap:
Get a baseline blood test now and continue with decreased sunflower oil (5-6 ml) and flaxseed (8-10g) intake. You will preserve 1:2-3 omegas ratio and will get to a more comfortable levels of oils in your diet.
Then take a regular blood tests and fine tune your oils intake based on the blood markers (decreased serum triglyceride levels and increased EPA and DHA plasma levels). At least this is what I’m going to do :smile:


Once again, thank you for your help, your efforts and advice are much appreciated! :smile:

I love the idea about getting blood tests to perfect those ratios, I’ll definitely look into that! You’re very right about the Omega 3 tablets, it’s definitely wise to spread the doses out throughout the day. I’ve found a better source of the tablets you recommended on the MyProtein website that has almost the exact same ratio and works out £2 cheaper per 1000 tabs. It’s where I get a lot of my other stuff too so it’s a no-brainer.

So my recipe is coming on very nicely indeed! It needs some more optimising of the fats, but it’s definitely getting there now. I’ll keep you posted!


you can edit the recipe profile. so you could get all green :smile:


I tell you @Stoinov, you are a genius!! :slight_smile: I just changed the nutrition profile to the “U.S. government DRI, male 19-50, 2000 calories (fixed fiber requirement, ω-6 & ω-3 PUFA requirements)”, took out sunflower oil, popped up the olive oil a little and all is green! Better yet, it does exactly what was intended - it’s the same DRIs, but with the Omega balance corrected to accommodate for the fact that we’re getting more omega 3. The 6-3 ratio is now 1.33:1 too, which is pretty sweet. I think we’re on to something here!