Soylent 1.0 clone now included in Schmoylent Sampler

I finally decided to sell Schmoylent Classic, my Soylent 1.0 clone DIY recipe.

But rather than sell it on its own and compete with Rosa Labs, I decided to make a Schmoylent sample pack (as people have been requesting for the last half a year) and include a bag of Schmoylent Classic so you can compare Schmoylent and Soylent fairly.

Okay, Schmoylent is not as smooth in texture as Soylent (or Schmoylent Classic). But it will keep you full for longer. Some people like it better. This will give people an easy way to decide.

Cool? :slight_smile:



I’m not really in for Soylent Classic (though I’m very curious as to how close it is to the real thing…), but I’m in for the vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate favors. I’ve wanted to try those for a while but couldn’t justify buying a whole week’s worth.

More of that coming for you-know-what… :smiley:


Haha, yes, I know what that is, and I’ve been pretty inspired this week to learn as much as I can about that particular culinary artifact… :wink:


So I took a break from Soylent 1.3 to try the first Schmoylent sampler.

The first out of the box happened to be Schmoylent Plain. I was expecting I’d be tasting the nostalgic taste of my first powdered food back in the summer. Boy was I in for a surprise!

When I drank it this afternoon for lunch, my first thought was that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. The oil, maybe? Or the Schmoylent has gone horribly rancid? Wha–

Then it hit me: Schmoylent PLAIN. I thought that meant the plain, original Schmoylent. Apparently when @axcho says plain, he meant it. This is as plain as you can imagine. Slightly disgusting in a ‘what is this, I’m not tasting anything, and it’s not water!’ kind of way. But tolerable because, well, it doesn’t really taste like anything.

I’m glad I had the chance to taste it, but couldn’t imagine actually getting a week+ worth of it.

Next up is Schmoylent Vanilla, which I now realize must be the Schmoylent I had back in the summer…!

To be continued.

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Haha, that’s right! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not bad if you mix it with berries, and theoretically it might do okay with some savory flavors, but mostly it’s for people who don’t do well with stevia, for whatever reason.

I eagerly await the rest of your taste test results! :slight_smile:

Argh! What have you done to Schmoylent, @axcho?!

I just had Schmoylent Vanilla today, and to be frank, I took a good-sized sip, spitted it out and poured the rest in the sink.

Yes it’s that bad. It’s WAY too sickly SWEET, bordering on sour. It then trips over the sour line on the way down the throat.

So that’s Stevia? I now understand why people have issues with it. Go back to sucralose, @axcho! Seriously!

This is in no way or form the Schmoylent I had back in the summer.

I am now seriously worried about the chocolate and cinnamon variant tastings coming up…

I can’t stand stevia either, but happily for you, @axcho will modify his recipes. You could get Schmoylent without Stevia and add your own sucralose to taste (which is easily, easily done in liquid-drops form).

It’s the strangest thing, but I found that adding stevia to Soylent (1.2/1.3) was just phenomenal. I’m sure sucralose would be just fine too, but given how many people feel so strongly that stevia is so awful, I was stunned at how much I like it in Soylent. Go figure…

I think it’s totally subjective. Some people don’t like sucralose, and I’ve been fine with it. (But after having to add it to 1.1 and 1.3, I’ve just found that if I add vanilla and orange oil to 1.4, I don’t need the sucralose, surprisingly enough given how salty and not-sweet it is plain.)

@ravenvii Hmmm, that’s odd. I’ve always used stevia for Schmoylent, and I’ve never personally experienced an unusually sweet batch. But I wonder if yours had an excess of stevia in it somehow?

Let me know how the cinnamon and chocolate ones go - assuming they taste pleasantly-but-not-excessively sweet to you, I’d guess that somehow the vanilla one just wasn’t mixed right.

Okay, I mixed up Schmoylent Chocolate last night and had some today.

Good news: it wasn’t completely repulsive; I didn’t immediately spit it out and pour the rest in the sink. The chocolate is a bit less sweet than I’d like, but not bad at all. Definitely drinkable.

The bad news: the aftertaste is still there. I think this confirms stevia isn’t for me. I realized why I dislike it so much; the aftertaste is exactly the same as Diet Coke’s. And Diet Coke tastes like shit.

It’s unfortunate that all the samples in the sampler pack except Schmoylent Plain contains stevia.

My feedback to @axcho: drop the stevia addiction; switch to something else. Sucralose even.

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I’ve now tried all the options in the sampler (not Schmilk since that was changed after I ordered).

Ax Fuel and People Fuel Plan were the two I was more interested to try. The plain Schmoylent was interesting as well.

Schmoylent Vanilla - what I usually eat (sometimes flavored sometimes not).
Schmoylent Cinnamon - I’ve added cinnamon to Schmoylent vanilla myself and same taste. Nice to change it up every now and then for something different.
Schmoylent Chocolate - the most common modification I make to Schmoylent is the addition of dark chocolate cocoa powder. It works very well. I was curious how regular cocoa compared. Well, probably I add more cocoa than Schmoylent chocolate has. Kind of a heaping teaspoon to a 1/4 day worth - I’ve been paying more attention lately and my scale suggests it’s about 4g per 1/4 day so I’m probably adding close to 3 tablespoons to a day’s worth. Anyway I found the chocolate flavor in Schmoylent chocolate much more subtle than I would have expected compared with the dark chocolate I frequently add.
Schmoylent Classic - When I heard Schmoylent with maltodextrin I was thinking more of the old Schmoylent rather than a Soylent clone. I’ve only had Soylent 1.3 but the flavor does indeed remind me more of Soylent. I’d guess that’s the sucralose vs. stevia. And I realized it didn’t have psyllium a day or so later.

Now the ones I was more interested in.

Schmoylent plain - The way @axcho has talked about this one and @ravenvii review up above I expected this to be absolutely terrible. It really wasn’t. Yeah, we’re talking unsweetened here but after that first sip or two it didn’t bother me. You do get more of a vitaminy unsweetened oatmeal kind of flavor. If I had something against an artificial sweetener I could see myself eating it.

People Fuel Plain - Yeah, tastes like a corn tortilla. I was surprised how thick it is - had to add extra water vs. Schmoylent to get it to a drinkable level. That could be good or bad depending on the goal. Not terrible. I don’t see myself buying it (obviously I’d have to go elsewhere if I wanted to buy it.) I am mildly curious how the sulfur content compares to other products given how different it is. Would someone who has gas problems on Schmoylent do better on a People Chow?

Ax Fuel - the cinnamon chocolate flavor worked really well. Seemed thinner than Schmoylent. Again good/bad depending on what you want regarding thickness. I didn’t like the chia seeds.


Pesky little buggers. They love to gell up. Let them soak for a few hours, then give it a good blending in a real blender.

That would probably work - I just shake it in a blender bottle. That would of course require the additional step of using a blender.

Heh, yeah, if I went in expecting it to taste horrible I’d probably have the same reaction as you did.

But I went in expecting the original Schmoylent, and got something completely different. It was a real “WTF” moment for my taste buds. :smiley:

Thanks for the detailed review, @inod3! :slight_smile:

The Schmoylent Plain may not be terrible, but like @ravenvii said, it’s best to go in with low expectations. :wink: I like mixing it with fruit, myself, but I definitely prefer a bit of sweetener if I have to drink it straight.

The thickness is definitely a drawback of People Fuel Plain. It’s one of the many reasons I’m discontinuing it (still a dozen bags left if anyone wants the last bit though). It has less sulfur in it, sure, but most people don’t have gas problems with Schmoylent, and there are better recipes in that case anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the Ax Fuel didn’t have chia seeds how would it compare?

Ax Fuel vs. Schmoylent would be the comparison for me since I’m happy with Schmoylent. Texture wise I think Ax Fuel would be smoother than the Schmoylent without the chia seeds. It’s also thinner consistency which I’m personally indifferent on - even the People Fuel Plain didn’t bother me on thickness I just added more water to compensate. The ratios 25/25/50 vs. 48/22/30 could matter to some although I don’t know enough to say what the pros/cons would be on that and one days worth isn’t really a good trial for anything other than taste/texture I think. Mostly I think I’d end up indifferent on them without the chia seeds - though I’d probably order a weeks worth to see how the different ratios affect me. And of course if I end up indifferent the cheaper wins. :smile:

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So I just had a glass of Schmoylent Cinnamon.

This is definitely the tastiest of the bunch so far, if you ignore the Diet Coke after taste. But one strange thing I’ve noticed: unlike the other Schmoylent variants, Cinnamon is CHUNKY. I keep shaking, shaking and there’s still those small chunks floating around. Is this normal @axcho?

Seriously, if not for the aftertaste and chunks, I’d be head over heels in love with this one. Looking forward to trying Ax Fuel now – maybe I should ask @axcho to make a variant with sucralose instead of Stevia…?

@axcho, with regard to the kind of cinnamon, you are using ceylon instead of cassia cinnamon arent you?

@ravenvii, no, chunks are not normal in Schmoylent Cinnamon, in my experience. Not sure what would be causing that. Do they go away with the addition of a blender ball?

@Tark, I’m still using saigon cinnamon, the kind recommended by Tim Ferriss in The 4-Hour Body: