Soylent 1.0 - Free to a good home :)

Hey all :smile:

I was one of the original backers, and ordered month’s worth of Soylent 1.0. Alas, my order took longer to arrive than I had hoped and I ended up moving overseas before receiving my Soylent. While overseas, I started messing around with DIY soylent. I ended up eating a ketogenic diet, which I was able to accommodate with my DIY mix :slight_smile:

I’ve just moved back to the US, and my month of Soylent 1.0 was waiting for me. However, it’s not compatible with my current way of eating. The Soylent is still in the original (snazzy looking) box. Would anyone be interested in it? If you’re willing to pay shipping, you can have it for free :slight_smile: I also received the pitcher in a second box which I would be willing to part with (I mix my DIY in blender bottles). First come, first served – reply to this post and we’ll work out the details privately.

– Meg :slight_smile:


If still available I’d love to try it, I tried biolent but have been really wanting to compare how I feel on either


A friend of mine was asking the other day if he could buy some with food stamps, I’m sure he’d be interested. He’s not on the forum, so let me know if it’s still available and I’ll get his info to you.

I’ve been on my keto recipe for about ten months now, loving it. Us keto soylenteers are a rare breed.

Hi Meg, is the Soylent 1.0 still available?

Hey dandan, looks like you’re first :slight_smile: I’ll PM you to arrange the details.

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Thank you so much im really happy!