Soylent 1.0 has come at last!


After backing Soylent right from the start, I finally got my order last week and started it on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning: Wow, drinking a full “meal” is a lot of liquid. But it tasted great! My only complaint is the nasty chemical-ish aftertaste. I’ve had that same aftertaste when drinking calorie free sodas, so I assume this is the artificial sweetener. Honestly, I’d be happier if it was less sweet, and I hate that aftertaste, so I wish they’d left it out. But the texture, and overall flavor, was bland and easy to drink. That day I went rock climbing. I’m happy to say I had no bad effects (no gas, no headaches). For about a half hour starting shortly after the meal, I felt weirdly energized, maybe that was a sugar high? But once that passed I felt great, and I found that the soylent kept me feeling full and with plenty of energy for many hours. Later I had a regular lunch and dinner.

Sunday morning: Much the same as Saturday. I went hiking with my family after, and found that even when I tried to eat some gorp I just couldn’t, I felt too full from the soylent. But that’s OK, my energy level stayed good so I didn’t need the gorp. When I finally got hungry I had a small lunch.

Sunday night: Had the rest of my first pitcher of soylent. Made a good dinner, felt fine after, slept well.

Based on this first weekend I’m very happy with the Soylent. I think I’ll settle in to using it as my standard breakfast, and a frequent lunch as well. It’s a little bit expensive, but I feel good after eating it, and I like how it keeps me feeling full. Especially before doing outdoor activities I’m very happy. Hooray!


Hey wms,

I just started on my Soylent too. One meal yesterday, one today. No bad effects yet either. My two female housemates both had small glasses yesterday and today, and we all have the exact same complaint as you: The artificial sweetener. One of them just said “It seems like it doesn’t need to be this sweet”. Maybe Rosa Labs could try stevia? Or maybe just use a small amount of real sugar? I’d be totally fine with that.


I received my shipment today. It had my one week supply of powder, and a pitcher and measuring cup. I’ve not opened up any of the powder yet, but I was wondering, where is the oil to add into the mix?


The oil should be in the box… usually in its own sub-box. If its not in there, tag JulioMiles or ana to let them know.


@JulioMiles @ana I did not receive my oil package in my shipment. How do I go about getting this?


Whoops! We’ll get one sent out tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Thank you for your help @livingparadox


Thanks. Another question I have is in regards to shipping times now. I imagine if I like week 1, I’ll want to continue, how long will I need to wait for another shipment? Do reorders take a priority?


Yes, absolutely – reorders ship in 1-2 weeks. We identify reorders by email address, so make sure you use the same one for future orders. Thanks!


I’ve been eating soylent for about ½ my meals for the past 10 days now. Completely happy, although I did get some gas issues last night; I think it was because I had two meals of soylent just 4 hours apart, and ate the second meal fairly quickly. Have ordered a subscription (42 meals per month). Thanks Soylent!