Soylent 1.0 imitation recipe now on DIY Soylent


As you probably know, I came up with my Soylent imitation recipe Schmoylent back in June of 2014 (with the new, maltodextrin-free version in October). And lots of people have been buying it from me on my site, thanks to Soylent’s long wait times.

But Schmoylent has always been different than Soylent 1.0 - thicker, more oats, less vanilla, stevia instead of sucralose, and so on. It tastes like pancake batter, which some people prefer, but it’s definitely not Soylent.

So, just for fun, I’ve been designing a throwback Schmoylent to be as close as possible to the original Soylent 1.0, with the same macronutrient amounts and almost the exact same quantities of main ingredients and flavorings. I call it Schmoylent Classic, and the recipe is on the DIY Soylent site here:

If you’ve been wanting to make your own Soylent, something that’s really as close as possible to actual Soylent, you can finally do so, with Schmoylent Classic.

I’m not selling it myself, but if there’s enough interest I could start doing so. Let me know. :wink:


So this is as smooth/thin as Soylent? Very interesting. Would love to try it if you do decide to sell it someday.

How’s that cake batter favored fuel coming along, BTW? :wink:


Yep, that’s the idea. :wink:

I’m still working on my cricket and spirulina experimental recipes, but I’ll let you know when I try some yellow cake mix. Believe it or not I started on these (and Schmoylent Classic) even before you asked me for the cake batter flavor! :stuck_out_tongue: