Soylent 1.0 VS 1.1 VS 1.2 VS 1.3 Taste Preference


I’m thinking of ordering some samples off Ebay to see what Soylent is like before buying a lot of it, and was wondering what version you all prefer and why. I know Version 1.3 is obviously the latest, but some people seem to prefer Version 1.0 and Version 1.2. Do Version 1.2 and Version 1.3 have a different taste at all?


1.3 is clearly better, to me. It’s more milk-like, smoother, thinner. I liked 1.1 and 1.2, though.


I’m not sure how it can make much of a difference. You can only buy version 1.3 now, and I’m sure it will not be available for too much longer as they continue to improve the product. Even if you do find a prior version you prefer you will only be able to buy it secondhand, and that supply will run out pretty quickly.

I’ve only had version 1.0, and I found the flavor and texture to be good.


1.0 - Sweet and thick, vanilla flavor; the closest thing to the ‘pancake batter’ taste that people describe
1.1 - Thinner, and much less sweet. Neutral vanilla flavor
1.2 - Thick again, but still less sweet. Change in formula (more neutral oil? removal of enzymes?) allows oat flavor to be more noticeable

I haven’t had 1.3 (holding out for 1.4) but you might want to consider getting the most current version since that’s the direction Soylent is headed anyway. I think 1.0 was the tastiest, but, if the newer versions aren’t sweet enough for you, you can always add some splenda or something.


For me personally I like 1.3 the best. I did not try 1.0 though.


My favorite was 1.0, followed (closely!) by 1.3.


1.3, definitely. I did not expect the drastic change in flavor, and it’s for the better.


I didn’t get my hands on any 1.0, but have tried the rest. Currently, 1.3 is my favourite.