Soylent 1.1 and the scoop


I hate to bring it back to the scoop, which has been covered a couple of times, but it LOOKS like the volume of 1.1 might be different than the volume of 1.0 (and changing the volume was something the Soylent Team wanted to do, in one of the earlier scoop discussions). Can someone on the Soylent Team please comment on proper ratio of scoops-to-packages of Soylent, now that 1.1 is shipping?

Is it still 5 loosely-packed scoops per bag?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


@Soylent needs to be tagged to get anyone on the teams attention.


According to the 1.0 pamphlet There are roughly 6 scoops per pouch.
I go through bags in multiples of thirds and it sorta checks out:
I roughed out 4 scoops earlier, and was left with a 150g bag.

I weighed a 1.0 bag: ~464g unopened, ~13g emptied
It should therefore be ~160g powder + bag => 1/3 remaining powder