Soylent 1.1 consistency much thinner


Hi All,

Just curious to see what others are seeing. With Soylent 1.0 (which I received a 1 week supply about 2 weeks ago) had a much more of a milkshake consistency in the 2L jug (shipped with the 1.0 order). Soylent 1.1 seems to be much thinner, more of a watery consistency, which almost seems somewhat unsatisfying.

Tonight I mixed up a batch with about 80% of the amount of water I normally use, and it still seems pretty watery, but will let it sit in the fridge overnight before I drink it.

Anyone else seeing anything similar?


Interesting, could be a fluke? Or perhaps the enzymes begin breaking down the carbs/protein and it creates a thinner consistency? Just thinking out loud here…


Enzymes are inactive outside the body. They only assist the digestive process in your body.


I also found the consistency to be thinner and, combined with the lower sweetness, less satisfying. I was thinking about the enzymes as well until @livingparadox cleared that up. Was perhaps less of something else used to offset the additional carbohydrate availability from the enzymes? I’m just guessing but it’s definitely not as thick and today is the first time on Soylent that I’ve actually had hunger pangs. I might be able to get used to the new blander taste but I really preferred 1.0 for that.

On the plus side, both my stomach acidity and the gas seem to have subsided considerably. I’ve only been on 1.1 for one day, but that is enough to tell - believe me! This is obviously a big help.

Any other ideas on the change of consistency?


Hmm, well lactose free milk has the enzyme lactase added to it which breaks apart the lactose before it reaches your body, at least that’s how I understand it.


David, thanks for the promising review. :slight_smile: Did you switch directly from Soylent 1.0 to 1.1? Btw, it would probably be pretty easy to just add 30g of sucralose to one’s daily batch to get it back to the previous flavor.


Hmmm… You might be right on that point… My statement was just based on my understanding that enzymes are catalysts, which be definition don’t act by themselves.

But I do recall something about lactose free milk being sweeter because it breaks down the lactose…


Yes, I had my last bag of 1.0 Wednesday night and made a new pitcher of 1.1 for Thursday morning. I think the little bit of gas I have had might just be the last of the 1.0 going through. And yes, I am probably going to just add 2.5 packets of generic splenda to the mix rather than messing with the pure surcralose powder.

Honestly, the thinness of the new mixture bothers me more as I don’t know how to easily deal with that. I’m glad there is continued discussion on the enzymes as possibly being the cause. As I said, it was the first thing that went through my mind, but I haven’t read enough to be able to say with any confidence. But if they do work while in the mixture, it seems it could make a big difference just sitting overnight in the fridge - especially before it cools down.


My bet is on the enzymes. Enzymes do have temperatures which they are active within (heat it and it stops working, chill it and it works slower) enzymes can have different working temperatures and even different working pH. I do not know for sure what the enzymes used are like… But even if they are most effective at 37 celcius and low pH, they can still be active at a much lower rate in chilled mixed water… If that makes and sense.

So if you mix the Soylent with water and leave it for hours in the fridge… Sure that might make it thinner because of the enzymes :slight_smile: try tasting/feeling it right after you added the water. (Honestly I think it sounds awesome that it is more watery)



So by the looks of it, beano works best at around 4 pH and im guessing body temperature 37 ish celcius , it is still reactive at temperatures in a fridge but at much much smaller rate.


One test could be to buy some bean-zyme, and open the capsules into a batch of Soylent 1.0, and see if gets thinner. I plan to do this tomorrow morning if I can find some bean-zyme, or something with alpha galactosidase nearby. I know they’re also adding some proteases to the new 1.1, but I’m not sure what to use there…


The bigger issue behind that, at least for me, is that is seems less filling, less satisfying. I could handle the consistency if it wasn’t for that, but I suspect they may go hand in hand.


Valid point, Have you tried it right after adding the water (use very cold water then heh).


Ok, I just made a batch for the night and I have to say, it seems quite thin even right after. It even feels less substantial in the package, really. I’ve been handling them all week and just going to the 1.1 feels different. I won’t argue that this may be my imagination, but the thinness really isn’t.

I checked the weight. The 1.0 bag says it is 15.7 ounces while the 1.1 bag says 15.8, so according to that it has gained. When I weighed one of the packages of 1.1, it came to 16.4 ounces. I really wish I could have saved a bag of 1.0 to compare directly. If anyone receives the new stuff while you still have some of the old around, how about checking them over for comparison - actual weight and the perception of volume in the bag.

I will admit, this has me a bit worried. I can’t be eating Soylent and crave regular food, but I’m pretty sure my stomach needs something more substantial to feel like it has been fed. The 1.0 was quite amazing in this respect. Is it unreasonable to tag the Soylent people to ask for more details on the changes in light of these issues?


David, if you’re located in SF, I can give you a bag of Soylent 1.0 for the sake of science.


No it isn’t completly unreasonable. But do you actually feel more hungry since it is thinner? Is it still as gritty as 1.0 I havn’t tried 1.1 so I personally can’t speak for 1.1

Tagging for you in regards to thinness :slight_smile: what the @Soylent team thinks about it, is it an unintentional sideeffect of a change or intentional. Is it something they think is good or bad? And is it just imagination?


Thank you @Zenman, I appreciate the offer but I’m on the other side of the country :wink:

@Tordenskjold I find the grittiness about the same, but there is really no doubt in my mind that what I have received is thinner when mixed. And while I’ll know more tomorrow, it did not feel as satisfying and I had a gnawing in my stomach (as in hungry) that I haven’t had all the previous week on 1.0.

Early results, yes, but they concern me. The only bright side is the reduction in gas and stomach upset. Thanks!


FYI, I just weighed an unopened bag of 1.0, and it came to 16.32 ounces.


So there must be something else going on. I’m eager to hear what Rosa has to say about the possibilities. Thanks for doing that.


Guess you have to start adding something that makes it thicker… That made me think about another possible reason… Perhaps they reduced stuff like xantum gum or such?


Yeah, I actually have some of that but this is why I would like to hear from Rosa just to make sure what’s going on before I start guessing too much. I would say the consistency now is about like that of soy milk.