Soylent 1.1 Identifiers?


I got 3rd order of Soylent about a month ago and I am wondering if there are any specific identifiers of whether or not it is soylent 1.1. It has the new oil bottles and I haven’t found a single bag with powder in the seals yet (I’ve consumed about a weeks worth so far). I am wondering if I currently am on Soylent 1.1 or not. The boxes however are still the same size as the last so maybe it was just like an early prototype or something I don’t know. Some feedback would be great. Thanks.


Since 1.1 was released 11 days ago and your third shipment was received a month ago and has no resealable bags I will go out on a limb here and say that it is still 1.0.


I don’t understand what you mean by resealable because I almost certain that my bags have been resealable from the beginning. I also understand that 1.1 was released a very short time ago however I don’t think that means that it is impossible for me to have received some early. It could been a beta program or something I don’t know but I am fairly convinced that I have 1.1 on my hands here.


Thats what you said.


I have both - a 1.0 initial order and a 1.1 resupply. Both of mine have the “new” oil bottles. The 1.1 came in a much smaller box with lot numbers stamped on each bag. I’d say if your box is big, and the bags have nothing stamped on them, then you have 1.0.


In the Packaging Improvements thread Soylent posted a picture of 1.1 and 1.0 packets side by side. The most obvious difference at a glance is the lot # and expiration month/year printed near the bottom of the bag.


It also looks like 1.1 has a weight of 447g where 1.0 has 444g.


1.0 has resealable bags also


my bags have lot numbers stamped on the bottoms as shown in the picture which leads me to believe I got 1.1 early.


Look at the ingredients. If the new ingredients are listed you have 1.1, if not, you have 1.0.


Also, does it say 444 grams (1.0) or 447 grams (1.1)? That would be definitive.

If you don’t notice a real difference in thickness (1.1 is much more watery), it’s 1.0.