Soylent 1.1 just fine for me


I know some people seem really upset about the new Soylent but it’s just fine for me. I’ve had no complaints either way, though i only had v1.0 for a week and I’m on my 3rd box of v1.1. Frankly, I’ve found the 2 nearly indistinguishable.


Does 1.1 keep you satiated as long as 1.0? I read that some were having bouts of hunger more often on 1.1 throughout the day.


Good to hear for you. I have another thread where i talk about getting a serious sugar crash on 1.1 where its like I have a food coma (thinness = faster absorption?). On 1.0 I feel amazing, high energy all day etc. I can swap back and forth between 1.0 and 1.1 and change the outcome of my entire day.Not only this, but the enzymes in 1.1 don’t even stop the gas. I’m probably going to pause my subscription until this one is figured out.

But its definitely interesting that you feel the same on both…wonder how many others feel the same on either version…


Yeah the enzymes just make it thinner it seems. Concerning the gas: No improvement at all. Comparing to Joylent (there the gas was already much) the gas is massive and let’s say room clearing as some have described it.


The rate of absorption probably has less to do with the consistency than the added enzymes which are reducing the complex starches into simple sugars, though @vanclute just mentioned in another thread what @stp says above, that the enzymes seem to have an effect on the consistency.

If you want to test the theory though, you could try getting your hands on some xanthan gum to thicken it back up again and see if that helps with the sugar crash. I’d be surprised if it did, but at least it will be thicker!

As far as OP goes, I’m mostly in the same boat. I had already gotten used to 1.0 so I haven’t noticed whether the enzymes in 1.1 would have solved the gas issue for me or not, but 1.1 has been very much the same experience for me. I don’t mind the reduced sweetness, and while I miss the thicker mix I haven’t been having any particular satiety issues. I eat some ‘real’ food through the day though, so that might be why.


So you are complaining about two things:
1st sentence: 1.0 and 1.1 is too different for you
2nd sentence: 1.0 and 1.1 is the same for you

Is it what you want to say?

When I see commenters finding only bad sides in places where something was changed, and still finding bad sides in the places where nothing was changed - it makes me to think that it’s biased position, with pre-disposition to show how bad things are.
Let’s try to be objective in feedback, it will help a lot to Rosa Labs, rather than “all negative” or “all positive” comments.


He’s saying that 1.1 is introducing NEW negatives without solving OLD negatives, and that 1.0 is better. No contradiction here.

Unless I’m missing something.


For me I couldn’t tell the difference between Soylent 1.0 and 1.1 in thinness or taste. I only had 1.0 for about 5 days so it could just me not noticing. The gas with 1.0 was more than room clearing. My wife would complain about it all the way downstairs. The 1.1 gas didn’t might have been a little less volume but a lot less “distance” and “hang-time”. In other words, it seemed to cause a more localized destruction and not stick around near as long. It’s still too much for me to continue with Soylent 1.1. I count 1.1 as a step in the right direction, but no where near far enough to make it usable. I will continue to use my DIY while waiting for Soylent 1.2 to come out.


I much prefer 1.1. I would not have been able to continue on 1.0 because of the gas.


I’ve been on 1.1 for 2 weeks, never tried 1.0 I find 1.1 filling tastes fine(boring) and haven’t felt any new gas issues. Works great for me.


I much prefer 1.1. I would not have been able to continue on 1.0 because of the gas.

Intestinal gas production was unpleasant, pronounced and on-going over three months I lived on Soylent 1.0. Then suddenly. it stopped.