Soylent 1.1 Lack of Sweetness

I am pretty disappointed with the flavor of v1.1. It basically has no flavor at all anymore. Combine that with how thin it is now, it tastes just like drinking water.

I understand that some people flavor their Soylent, and so the reduced sweetness makes that easier work with, but what about for those of us who just consume Soylent straight up? Adding Sucralose is an extra step for a food that’s supposed to be convenient.


I think the thought is that for those who either can’t stand sucralose or prefer it without the sweetness (which appears to be a significant group of people), if the sucralose is added into the mix, there is no way to undo that. It is much easier to add a sweetener of your choice than it is to try to neutralize an already sweet flavor.


Yes to what @malove2play said.

I know there is a subset of people that can’t stand it or prefer it without. But the size of that group is not really known. Even if the majority of the users on here say the prefer it without the sweetner, it’s not necessarily representative of the Soylent consumers as a whole.

In the end Rosa Labs will make ingredient decisions consistent with the overall mission. IMO, that mission is to create a convenient drink that is easy to make and consume. To me, the sweetness and texture of 1.1 isn’t a good default and I think that contradicts what I understand the mission to be.

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The obvious question, is how do you know what is representative of the Soylent consumers as a whole? It sounds like you’re saying that even though on the forum the sweetness was often seen as a negative that actually most people like it sweeter. I’m not sure how you get to that point. If more people prefer it without a sweet taste then wouldn’t that be more consistent to the overall mission? The question being, what do more people prefer?

Adding sucralose isn’t very difficult. You can buy a liquid brand like EZ-Sweetz, and add a drop at a time to your pitcher until you find out how many drops is to taste (it won’t be many). Squeezing a few drops from a little bottle into your pitcher before you seal and shake–could be worse.

You can also use regular sugar. It probably won’t take too many teaspoons, at 14 calories a spoon. That’s slightly less ultra-easy than squeezing a few drops of sucralose.

Nope, I didn’t say that. I said just because a lot of people on the forums lean a certain way, it’s not necessarily representative of the overall opinion. I don’t know what percentage of Soylent drinkers are represented here, but if it’s like other forums it’s not a majority.

So how do we know what the majority of the people want? I don’t know but I don’t think that should be the sole reason behind these decisions. I just think the default Soylent blend should taste good and appeal to those that just want to consume it after mixing.

I think I’m leaning this way if the Sucralose stays at the same level. Thanks for the tip on the brand.

You’re most welcome.

I agree - I don’t want to have to add to Soylent, I just want to mix and drink. And I also agree that you can’t determine what most people would prefer for that based on the forum. Ultimately they could do a survey or something to determine if people want to drink sweet Soylent or bland Soylent. I could see it going either way, but we don’t really have the necessary information to determine which way is better for “taste good and appeal to those who just want to consume it after mixing”. For example, with the sweeter 1.0 mix a lot of people felt they had to add cocoa or other flavor to cut the sweetness down. More than feel the need to add sweetener on 1.1? I don’t know.

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Interestingly, I find 1.1 to be obviously less sweet, but my other half actually feels like it’s SWEETER because it’s so much thinner now. So it’s obviously all in the mind of the beholder.

But I’m with the OP - I don’t want to have to add anything to make Soylent essentially drinkable. Right now I choose to add salt and canola oil, but it’s perfectly drinkable (1.0 I mean) without either of them. 1.1… not so much. :frowning:

We shouldn’t think that Rosa Labs will get this 100% right the first time. I think their #1 job is to get production and shipping straightened out. #2 is to get rid of the awful gas. For me #3 would be to start making more personalized formulas. Weight loss, weight gain, different flavors, athlete vs couch potato, nootropics, diabetic, etc. The DIY market is doing this. I think Rosa Labs will have to do this sometime in the future to remain relevant.

I got past #1 and am able to order Soylent and get it in a reasonable time period. I haven’t got past #2. I will do my DIY until Soylent 1.2 comes out. For #3 I’m adding the stuff I want to the remaining Soylent 1.1 until it is gone.

My initial order shipped shortly after the switch to v1.1 so I don’t know what v1.0 tasted like. But to me v1.1 tasted somewhat sweet, moreso than I expected, and actually it kinda tastes too good because it makes me want to drink it just for the sake of drinking it. I was expecting something much more neutral.

The taste is fine with me but it feels a bit weird not having more solid food in my stomach. And the fact that there is a ticking clock when I make some bothers me. Even if I make only a glass, if I open a new bottle of oil to do it then the clock on that bottle of oil starts ticking and I don’t even know how long it is until the oil goes bad although I do get that the clock ticks more slowly if I refrigerate the oil

I am guessing, the desire to reduce sweetness a little bit from 1.0, wasnt the only reason why sucralose was reduced.

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I did a couple days of 1.1 and had no issues with it being less sweet. In fact, I didn’t think there was a huge difference. Then,I made up my last pouch of 1.0 yesterday and was shocked at how sweet it was. Too sweet. I hadn’t noticed before, but I almost couldn’t drink it. Crazy! For me, 1.1 has more appeal to me on the taste level. The thinness is an issue, however, and like others, not thrilled about having to buy xantham gum and add to my Soylent. I’m a bland girl, as I’ve said before. I don’t even add flavoring. I often forget to add the non-iodized salt. I want a good base that I don’t have to add to. Looking forward to 1.2.


A more neutral, bland taste was the intent from the very start. A bit of sweetness was added to solely hide bad flavors. Personally, I would get tired fast if Soylent were more noticeable.

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Wow! I think that Soylent’'s 1.1 lack a sweetness is a great change! I hate sweet things. Furthermore, I have never used any synthetic sweeteners of any kind and then, with Soylent 1.0, I was forced to consume sucralose in effort of improving my health? This seemed counter intuitive. Also, I got so tired of consuming Soylent on a daily basis. It tasted like I was eating sugar cookies at every meal. I know there still is a bit of sucralose in 1.1 but I least I can drink it and not get turned off by it. I much prefer the more neutral flavor. If some people want their Soylent sweeter they can always add sweetener, however, if Soylent is already sweet, people like me can’t take it out.