Soylent 1.1 vs. 100% Food Double Protein


Very detailed face to face review from Reddit/r/soylent:


A friend of mine purchased a week’s worth of Soylent way back in the day that just arrived. I wanted to try it out (but didn’t want to wait the 3-4 months for my shipment to arrive), so I purchased 100% Food’s Double Protein formula. The Soylent ended up not meshing with her diabetes, so she gave me the remaining 6 days worth, so now I get to try both next to each other.

I’ll be comparing different products’ features, and see the strengths and weaknesses of each of these food-replacement shakes, and see which product does better in each of the categories.

Formula: 100%Food

Soylent has done an amazing job at getting their vitamins right at the 100% mark across the board. They’re smack-dab in the middle between maximum and minimum dosages. 100%Food takes a broader approach, aiming at more than the recommended, but less than the maximum. Both hit 100% of calories and macro nutrients.

What makes 100% Food win by a margin is their approach to offering different dietary formulas. I am a runner in training, so while the extra carbs in Soylent won’t hurt me, I like the ability to purchase a product that has the same calorie content, but a higher amount of protein.

Taste: Tie

If we’re going by flavor immediately out of the box, 100% Foods would win. It was a much thicker mix, and the flax seeds in it gave it a crunchy texture that was very pleasant.

Soylent, on the other hand, didn’t taste like anything. If you forced me to pick a flavor for it, I would say it tastes like a really creamy, cold oatmeal. Also, made according to the recipe, it’s a lot more liquid than 100%Food’s.

These are two very different approaches to taste. All-in-all, 100%Food tastes better right out of the box, but I feel that that’s the flavor you’re going to get. Adding things won’t help much, and the packaging doesn’t make it easy. Soylent, on the other hand, is a blank slate. It probably will take the flavor of whatever you put in there (provided you don’t mind messing with the nutrients a bit).

Packaging: Soylent

Soylent has spent a lot of money and effort on making themselves look like a legitimate company, with a very slick marketing and branding campaign. 100% Food looks better than most of the other sellers, but it still gives off a little bit of a home-made vibe.

On a perfectly functional level, the jars that 100%Foods comes with are super convenient to bring with on the go (like I did this morning, running to catch my train), but don’t mix as well as a blender bottle does Soylent.

Customer Service: 100%Food

I happened to email both 100%Foods and Rosa Labs, 100%Foods responded to me within an hour. Rosa Labs took 3 days to send me a form letter

Delivery: 100%Food

Waiting 3-4 months for a food product is not anywhere close to being acceptable. People do it because it’s a cool concept, but they really need to fix their supply chain issues if they don’t want to be taken out by upstarts

Overall Winner: 100%Food

On delivery and customer service alone, 100%Foods is the clear winner. It’s too hard to get Soylent’s product. Soylent has been slow to act, and that has made it so that companies like 100%Food can swoop in, produce an equal product without all the delay, and steal customers.

That said, right now, Soylent has all the branding and hype. If they manage to get past their growing pains of slow delivery and customer service, they will most likely leave 100%Foods in the dust. If Soylent releases a low carb version, 100%Foods would either need to have a very loyal customer base, or deals with supermarkets or other distributers to survive.


You definitely deserve it @Spaceman!

Now, if only you shipped to Europe or Open Sourced your recipe…


Yeah the texture thing is a definite personal preference though. The lack of texture in Soylent is a huge part of its attraction to me. Anything that is “crunchy” but I’m supposed to be drinking, is a non-starter. But again that’s just so individual, it pretty much doesn’t even bear comparison IMO.

I’m just glad to see options popping up for those who want something other than official can provide. The more the merrier, regardless of what I personally stick with.


Yeah. It’s fascinating (and great) that people like the texture, when me it gives a gag reflex.


Yes, we’re different…

But it is not an excuse to stop R&D.
We plan to release blends with new texture in our 21 Winter Set.


With the soups, would you suggest mixing with less water so that they’re thicker and eating with a spoon?


Yes, @inod3 - thicker, more soup texture and taste and HOT water!

We’re experimenting now and we’re suggested to add:

  • Broccoli and Cheddar cheese soup
  • Spicy tomato and blue cheese Pumpkin
  • Chipotle Soup

We don’t have the final list yet, so you may add your suggestions.


Cheap bags doubled orders from Canada & Australia for 100%FOOD!

Last week we worked hard over shipping costs for our Canadian and Australian customers.

Let me show you two findings:

FedEx saves time
While shipping costs for the bottles are still high (~30 one week, ~40 two weeks, ~65 four weeks to Canada) we found, that FedEx Ground include brokerage and duties in their rates. That means that now you can get the convenience of premium delivery choices without overpay for them.

You may check rates and place an order using shipment calculator from our partner - on this page:!international-orders/cuz8

Prices and rates are the same. Our input in shipment cost split is already calculated.

USPS Flat Rate Boxes rules
USPS offers marvellous Flat Rate tariffs, that include brokerage if you ship internationally, but their boxes never fit to size of our bottles…

Last week we found an intersection - medium box perfectly fit for Two weeks sets if we use gallon bags. Yes, bags are not hefty bottles, but you if you have a blender bottle and a scoop - economy worth it. Combined with our input in shipment cost split - you need to pay $15 for Canada, $30 worldwide only.

Shipment includes shipment and brokerage, while duties upon arrival should be around ~$10 or less.

More detains in [this blog post] (!How-to-save-on-international-shipping-to-Canada-and-Australia/cr96/C160505A-8419-433E-A507-907192A50D2D).

P.S. We did not announced it yet, but bags doubled orders to Canada & Australia during this weekend!

Thanks for such a quick appreciation of our efforts and stay tuned for our next improvements.


So, shipping 1 month of 100% mixed to Europe using USPS would cost me in total 300 dollars?


$340 to be exact,
Box contains 2 weeks ($140 for your beloved Choco + $30 shipping).

But may be you’re right - I need to add Four Weeks option with extra discount for volume.
Then it will be: $270 for Four Weeks + 2x$30 shipping = $330…
Well not a significant discount…

Ok, let’s do $300 for Four Weeks for a while and let’s see.
(what are you doing with me, @ruipacheco :wink:)


How long would delivery be?


USPS promises 6-10 days.
Customers in UK confirm that.

P.S. Option to order Four weeks sets in Economy bags will be available on website in 3 hours.

UPD: In addition to Four Weeks 100%FOOD per $300 with worldwide shipping, just added same option for Canadian customers per $285.

That makes price $10.18 /day for Canada customers
Price starts from $10.71 /day for worldwide customers

Prices for other blend options you may check at the special page for international customers.


I’ve sent you a personal message.


I just tried my first bottle of the double protein. Taste is good. I would however prefer a formula with less sugar. Next time, I’ll order the double protein with low sugar!

The customer service was very good and the order arrived in less than a week. I would buy from them again.


Thanks for kind words, @SeanJM

FYI: we already tested and made one custom order for Low Sugar Double Protein. Tastes good!


Hey guys- I actually did a little review series of my own on 100% FOOD. check it out! :smile:

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