Soylent 1.1 - we're crushed


Not at all happy about this. =(

Oil bottles shipped with our Vegan Soylent 1.1

Thanks for the post! I have to admit I’m not AS disheartened by the 1.1 thickness as most people, but a lot of this probably has to do with my particular consumption habits (small amounts throughout the day so satiety is less of an issue, and at least one ‘real’ meal per day which curbs other mental/emotional cravings).

I agree with the overall sentiment, though. The consistency of 1.0 was significantly better, and I have my own concerns about the effects of the added enzymes on the glycemic index of the product. Especially when many reports are suggesting that the gas problem, while mitigated, is not entirely solved.

It’s been discussed at length in other threads, but I’ve yet to see an official (or even unofficial) response from @Soylent regarding either of these issues, or the plans for moving forward. Hoping there’s at least a plan to make some kind of statement, since they seem to have been making a much stronger effort in the last few months to be active here.


Reminds me of New Coke.


There are so many options - add flavorings, use less water. I add PB2 to my 1.0 and I love it that way. Soylent isn’t just one thing. You aren’t drinking this in a prison cafeteria. Now use your creativity a mix up a yummy glass of freedom. </USA!>


It’s your typical “something changed and I don’t like it” reaction. You see this all the time with software and hardware. Remember how everyone complains when Microsoft puts out a new version of Windows or Apple releases a new iPhone or version of iOS. People eventually get used to it and the complaints die down.


Is there anyone out there who has sampled Soylent 1.0 and 1.1 and also tried Schmoylent? I’m still waiting for my first taste of Soylent but I’ve been on Schmoylent for a week now and find it very thick (but I really enjoy it!) I’d be curious to hear how Soylent 1.0 and 1.1 compare as Schmoylent is my only experience thus far… well, and 100%Food but that’s different (not chilled, with seeds in it).


Ha, @vanclute I knew this post was from you just by the title.

@GregH, Schmoylent is way, way thicker than either Soylent 1.0 or 1.1.


@vanclute I think they didn’t intentionally make it thinner, but the added enzymes made it so. I think they either didn’t consider or thought it wouldn’t matter. With xantham gum or carob gum a few sprinkles should do so it’s not too much work. Better than not enjoying your treats I assume. I found it quite “watery” too and my carob gum 100g for 6€ is already on it’s way. At least there’s a solution available.
Gas, delays etc. are far more annoying ;), but yeah we hear you.


So far I have seen little-to-no feedback praising the consistency of 1.1; while I personally don’t have issue with it, there seems to be a consensus at least among the vocal people on the forums that it’s noticeably thinner, and many folks seem either neutral about that or find it to be a distinct downgrade. There are definitely ways to tailor it to our individual preference and there is definitely an element of bias towards a previous iteration, but considering that Soylent is currently a “one size fits all” solution and people are reporting issues with satiety, I would say that it’s a valid complaint.

There is definitely the fact to consider that complaints tend to be vocalized far more often than contentedness, but when those complaints are in regards to food satisfaction they’re probably a little more valid than complaints about the latest iOS or Facebook UI change. Especially for what still feels an awful lot like a Beta release.

EDIT: Also, emphasis on changes to glycemic index following addition of enzymes. REALLY interested to see some more results on this other than the two or three conflicting blood sugar readings in other threads around here


I didn’t say their complaints aren’t valid I said they where typical. Just because I don’t agree with someone’s opinion doesn’t mean I don’t think its valid. These complaints about constancy are just as valid as complaints about the latest iOS or Facebook UI. If you don’t like it you don’t like it… but you can sometimes get used to it and end up liking it again.


I guess I’m more judgmental than you then, because most of the time I immediately dismiss the complaints about the latest Facebook UI :slight_smile:


True, but then you could also say “Just go cook whatever you feel like - you’re free to buy any foods you want and mix them up to your heart’s content!”

We wanted Soylent specifically and only because it would be something we would NEVER have to think about, mess with, etc. other than just the basic mixing. If it now “requires” modifying in order to become the product we originally purchased… well then that really sucks. As I stated in the blog post, 1.1 is a different product much the same as how nonfat milk and whole milk are very different products. Nobody who drinks whole milk, would be satisfied at a sudden switch to nonfat - and vice versa. Sure you could tell the nonfat milk drinker to “just water down” their whole milk, and you could tell the whole milk drinker to “just add X to thicken up the nonfat milk…” but neither camp is likely to put up with that. It’s not the product they expected, simple as that.

Given how much importance Rob & crew placed originally on things like texture & “mouth feel”, I can’t believe for even a second that they weren’t aware or didn’t consider the thickness important. Everything about 1.1 is different. It mixes differently, pours differently, taste differently, goes down differently… they couldn’t have missed this.

1.1 is a different product, it really is. We’re still going to buy it because despite all of this, it’s still preferable to the alternatives we used to consume. We just no longer enjoy Soylent, or look forward to it. And that REALLY sucks.

I might try adding some Xanthan… though I really really really really don’t want to, and if it requires using a blender every time, well then definitely forget it. Don’t have a full size blender, don’t want to buy one, don’t want to deal with it. That’s what Soylent was supposed to relieve us from - the drudgery that is food prep (for us anyway).

As for complaints being more vocal than praise… I dunno, I’d have to say we’ve been rather vocal in our praising. :wink: In fact I think this is the first genuine complaint we’ve ever had about the product. Even the gas was a tolerable issue by comparison. I would much rather have gas than drink thin watery Soylent. :frowning:


@vanclute, for whatever it’s worth, I don’t use a blender of any kind. I open the pouch, drop in 1/2tsp of xantham gum, use the measuring spoon to stir the powder around a bit, then dump the bag in the pitcher and shake like normal. Yes, it’s an extra step, but it’s a fast one, and doesn’t require special tools.

Not trying to dismiss your points at all, just saying if you do decide to try it, you don’t need a blender :slight_smile:


Sad to see one of the most evangelistic Soylenters unhappy.


Ah that’s excellent to hear, thanks for the input! I already add salt like you describe, so if it doesn’t require any extra blending… then adding the Xantham might be fine. That’s reassuring! Will have to give it a shot.


I made that exact transition and it didn’t even phase me. Could be why I’m not so picky about the constancy of Soylent. But as I’ve said before if you don’t like you don’t like it and I can understand even if I don’t agree.

They did notice and thought no one would care. Unfortunately they where wrong people do care. Lets cross our fingers with 1.2 being thicker again… of course this could spark off a bunch of threads from people who started with the watery 1.1 and don’t like the new “overly thick” 1.2

Like the saying goes you can make some of the people happy all the time and all the people happy some of the time but you can’t make all the people happy all the time.


Yep, they are definitely hoping to please everyone… and unless they start offering multiple product variations, that’s just never going to work. Oh well, I guess this is part of what you get for being an “early adopter” of something like Soylent! Doing my best to remain positive. :slight_smile:


I went straight on Soylent 1.1 on 10/20 for 10 days straight. And haven’t had much else since then. I never had the pleasure of trying pre 1.0, or 1.0. The first time I made it I made it wrong, only used about 80% water. It tastes so much better at 100% water. I also added a shaker cup “ball” to the pitcher which helps with mixing. I have 12oz within an hour of waking, then about every 3 hours there after, @about 1500 calories or less a day. About day 6 I was very hungry, and had some V8 to knock off the edge. I’ve been having trouble though adding favors to it so far, those efforts have failed pretty well so far, and I’m finding I perfer it plain.


Going into my 1.1 experience expecting something the consistency of pancake batter had me really wondering what kind of terrible pancakes you all were making.

I know there was a running thread about how much thinner 1.1 was, but as someone who never got to try 1.0 I didn’t realize how big an impact that drop in consistency might have had. I’ve been on the road pretty much since I got mine, so I’ve only done one day but the consistency/mouth-feel was worse than I had anticipated, my crazy travel schedule calms down a bit in the near future, so I’ll be giving it a good shot soon.


I might be able to see this analogy if, say, they changed the color, but the consistency of a food product, especially one that replaces food, is far more basic to the equation. Also, and this could be me, but your comment comes across as a bit condescending and dismissive of those who have found the change provides them with a product that is less satisfying and therefore far less functional. Feedback to the manufacturer under those circumstances is not only warranted, but crucial.