Soylent 1.3 / 1-scoop (1/2 meal) calories


Hi, guys

I need a help. I couldn’t find exact official answer.

I am trying to figure how many calories on single scoop mix. I put whole bag info on lose it app to keep track of my calorie intake.

so, when I tell “lose it” app that I had (1scoop) 1/2 soylent meal that translate to 112 calories.

Is this is a correct calories? I just wanna make sure. Because I am fine with 1 scoop in the morning, lunch, dinner. that translates to 336 calories. Am I still alive just on 336 calories for real? and if so why the heck i am not losing any weight :frowning:

Please help

31 years old/ 5-6 / 190lbs


On stainless steel scoop which came with soylent 1.3 says 1/2 meal. So there for it is 1/2 meal right?


In theory, but it’ll depend on how densely you pack the powder or possibly how much settling occurred in shipping. Assuming it is 1/2 meal you’d get 6 scoops per bag of powder. 2010 calories in a days worth of Soylent, so if you divide it by 6 you get 335 per “1/2 meal”?


I see your point,

So calorie info printed on bag is not really accurate.

But beside how densely bag packed. Can’t we get how much calories in one scoop?

Is it 112 or 335 ? That is a big difference.

and there for we can say 1 scoop(1/2 meal) between 112 and 335 calories?

This is so unfair, I wish there was a offical answer from soylent about this 1scoop (1/2 meal) calorie issue.


I don’t use the scoop at all. I put the contents of a bag in a Rubbermaid container so that I can easily scoop it out with a spoon. And then I use a kitchen scale to put the appropriate number of grams into a blender bottle. Splash of cold water from fridge (I keep 450 ml in a container), zero the scale, about 110 grams of Soylent in the bottle, rest of water, shake. And then if I want oil, I zero out the scale again and add 11 gram of the oil. That’s about a quarter of the daily amount (about 500 calories).



That’s not what I mean, quite the opposite. I’d trust the calorie information on the bag. I wouldn’t trust the size of “one scoop”. If the contents in the bag have settled or you pack the scoop densely you will have more powder in “one scoop” than if you have fluffy loose powder and don’t pack it at all. So the question is, how many scoops are you getting out of one bag? Determine how many scoops you’re getting and then divide one bag worth of calories by that number of scoops.


This is not brain surgery.

2010 / 6 = 335 calories per half meal.

A half serving is 72g of the powder and 2 tsp of the oil.


Dont forget alot of calories come from the oil too


Just felt like this should be posted again because it’s such a non-issue.

There’s no need for clarification from Soylent, it’s all on the bag. 2010 calories total. Three meals per day. One-half meal per scoop.

335 calories per scoop. Two scoops per meal. Six scoops per day.


Hey doctor, Info from bag calculated to 112 per half meal. Not 335. I was asking if those numbers accurate or not.

But like explained;
obviously those numbers changes depending on how I pack my scoop.

If content in the bag and what it says on bag doesn’t match. It doesn’t matter how many scoop comes out from bag.

I would have to figure out how many calories per gram. From there like Eve does measure with scale.


Are you adding oil to your meals?


Yes, I forgot about oil, but still. Like said loseit app calculates the half meal for 112 calories with oil which is single scoop.



I downloaded lose it, didnt see soylent listed, myfitnesspal does tho


How did you get that number? You may have just entered it incorrectly into the app.

As far as I know the bag says that there are three servings with caloric values of the powder blend and oil blend at 510 calories and 160 calories per serving, respectively, totaling 2010 calories for all three meals for the day (or 670 calories per meal). If you entered a single serving into your tracking app as the proper amount of calories (670) and then said that you consumed half of that serving, it would come to 335.

Instead you have 112, which is some spooky magic number stuff even if you accidentally halved your serving twice

EDIT: Your screenshot doesn’t really tell us anything since you probably had to enter the info manually. I’d wager that you entered an incorrect value somewhere


yep that is it. When I complained about not having soylent on food list. My brother in law did something and found it for me. Now come to understand he put in manually. Which didn’t know possible.

I will put in manually myself and fix the numbers or just use the myfitnesspal.

Sorry everyone, didn’t know. I thought it was listed on loseit app.

This should fix the problem


If I ever go back to calorie counting, I’ll be entered the Soylent Powder separately from the Soylent Oil in my Fitbit database. That way I just have to record the gram readings on the scale for the powder and the oil. That lets me be flexible about whether or not to even have oil (I find the product more digestible without).



You do realize that the bag says a single serving with oil is 670 calories, right?

670 * 3 = 2010

670 / 2 = 335