Soylent 1.3 and 1.4 -- I think the powder is giving me a cough?


Okay Soylent users, I am having a strange cough that comes and goes. I very rarely get colds, and when I do, I know the signs. This is NOT a deep, hacking cough, like the onset of heavy chest cold or early bronchitis. This is more of a nuisance cough, that seems to flare-up, go away, and then flare-up again. It is nothing serious enough that I say to myself, “get your ass to a doctor”. In fact, I just had a regular check up, and sure enough, I didn’t have the cough/symptom during the day before, during, or day after my visit.

Now, I am thinking there is a link to the Soylent…but not in the sense that you might first think. I am not having acid reflux, and the cough is not being triggered (I don’t believe) by drinking the Soylent. I am starting to wonder if it is from breathing in the very fine Soylent powder mixture, as I am preparing the meal. The mixture is such a fine powder, that no matter how careful I am, some of the Soylent “dust” becomes airborne when I am preparing a meal. Some of it happens when I first open the bag, but most occurs when pouring the package (however carefully) into the Takeya pitcher.

Is it possible I am having an allergic reaction to the airborne Soylent dust fines??

Has anyone else had a similar, recurring low-grade cough that comes and goes?



I haven’t had such a cough from Soylent.

(I have developed dust mite allergy as an adult, which I had diagnosed just before I started Soylent - apparently, it’s common to develop later in life as adults, and can lead to post-nasal drip which leads to similar symptoms to the ones you describe.)

It’s possible it’s powder-related, but the most flight-friendly ingredient in Soylent, by far, is the maltodextrin. That stuff is very fine, very light, takes flight easily, and moves far to coat everything. On the other hand, it’s very unlikely to cause allergic reactions, being a simple starch/sugar, composed mostly of glucose molecules.

The stuff that’s used for fiber - xanthan gum, psyllium, etc., is more likely to be an irritant, but there’s extremely little of that stuff in the mix, compared to the main ingredients.

Good luck sorting out your issues - with any luck, other users will have shared your experience or have better insights.


I would suggest wearing a dust mask when preparing your Soylent. If the problem goes away then you have your answer.


Just got some this morning, before I even saw your reply. So, I like your thinking. :smile:

Thanks for the feedback.