Soylent 1.3 First Impressions


I just had my first glass of 1.3 this morning (I had 1 month of 1.0, and 2 months of 1.2). So far:

  1. The powder seems much lighter and finer than 1.2. 1.2 was definitely an improvement in terms of ease of mixing, and 1.3 seems to continue that trend. I only needed to shake the pitcher for ~30 seconds to get the powder almost completely mixed in. I’m still letting it sit overnight before putting in the oil, but maybe that’s no longer necessary.
  2. Both the powder and the final product are slightly darker in color than 1.2.
  3. 1.3 is slightly more watery than 1.2. Not sure which I prefer - it will probably depend on if 1.3 is as satiating as 1.2.
  4. The taste is definitely different. I don’t know exactly how to describe it - maybe more “oaty.” I think I may prefer 1.2, but if so it’s by a very slim margin.
  5. So far no gas, but it’s probably too early to tell if there is an improvement on that front.

Overall, 1.3 is fairly similar to 1.2 - some things slightly better, some slightly worse, but in general 1.3 won’t be a problem if you were happy with 1.2.


were you still getting gas on 1.2? how many meals of soylent are you having a day?


I do 1/2 a serving for breakfast and a full serving for lunch, 5-6 days a week.

Soylent didn’t cause an increase in the amount or frequency of gas over “normal” food, but the gas I did have smelled a lot worse. Based on the description of the problem from other people on the forum, I would rate my gas problem as fairly minor.


I just now tried v1.3 for the first time. My impressions:

  1. Much less oil separation after sitting overnight.

  2. Darker in color.

  3. Less gritty and more smooth, which I like.

  4. A little better aftertaste.

  5. Can’t address gas issues yet because I just tried it.

Overall I think it’s an improvement over v1.2.


Update: after several days the gas is definitely improved for me. Frequency is down and the smell is less offensive (although still not pleasant). I now have less gas than I did when I ate solid food full time.


Another update: after 10 days (8 on Soylent), my gas is almost completely gone.

Also, I think I’ve gotten used to the taste (or I’ve forgotten what 1.2 was like), as this morning it tasted especially delicious. I’ve started to add a couple extra drops of sweetener (5 instead of 3), and it tastes incredible. I am now very happy with 1.3 in all regards.