Soylent 1.3 modifiers: what's your recipe?


@starrychloe What is PEG?


I’ve since updated my recipe, in order to adjust the macro ratios as discussed here:

  • 3 grams of table salt
  • 1 gram of potassium citrate
  • 4 grams of psyllium husk powder
  • 1 gram of cinnamon
  • 56 grams of whey
  • 60 ml of olive oil


A bit of table sugar and some extra vitamin D.


Polyethelyne glycol.


I add 3 scoops of muscle milk powder per pitcher. It makes it taste better and gives me some extra protein and calories that I don’t mind. Been making whole pitchers at once but am think of making 1-2 meals at a time to make everything mix up a little smoother. I have also been thinking about adding one of these in the morning.


Strange that those warn of “high caffeine” all over them when they’re only 40mg per serving. That’s really not very much at all, in fact my experience has been that it’s going to barely even be noticeable. I regularly take between 160 and 200mg per day, occasionally twice per day, without noticing any ill effects whatsoever. Of course I also take it along with a dose of L-Theanine, but I’ve taken 50mg of caffeine (pure caffeine weighed & pout into homemade capsules) many times and could barely notice any effect at all.


Thanks for the info. Not a big caffeine drinker so I really wasn’t sure how many mg is needed. I am starting a new job in a couple weeks where I need to be up much earlier in the morning so I thought it might be a nice pick me up if I add that to my Soylent but now I may re think that.


Yeah – my body doesn’t really respond to “normal” amounts of caffeine very well – I always get decaffeinated coffee for this reason (a mug of coffee typically have about 100 (!) mg of caffeine) – but a can of Coca-Cola has the perfect amount of caffeine to get me going without any side effects.

How much caffeine does a can of Coca-Cola have? Approximately 35 mg of caffeine. So a shot of STOK a day would actually be the perfect amount for me, interestingly enough.


Ah, yep that sounds perfect for you then. In fact there has been much research done on the cognitive enhancing effects of caffeine, and the “ideal” amount is apparently about 20mg per hour… but of course that’s rather a pain to do in general. I couldn’t find any supplements that had so little caffeine. Though if you’ve got 40mg shots, one could (maybe not you if you’re extra sensitive) consume half the volume of whatever the shot is added to each hour and get a pretty decent approximation.

One more reason I like adding Theanine to caffeine… it smooths out the delivery extremely well so that one larger dose does the job I want it to do for a much longer time.


I just add coffee creamers. Hazel nut is my favorite.


What is the benefit of psyllium husk? I see a lot of people adding it

I just add one teaspoon of ceylon cinnamon for flavor


Stabilizes your poop. Some people have difficulty keeping it solid on Soylent (I did at the beginning).


I like to add EGCG, lycopine, curcumin, and black pepper.


I made the mistake earlier this week of not taking my psyllium capsules along with my morning Soylent 1.1. The Soylent itself was yummy because I added cocoa. But a couple of hours later I had massive diarrhea that lasted the entire morning. Good thing I was working at home. Also good that I had the Immodium I bought when I had my previous experiment with 1.1.

Gone to muggle food until after my exams are written on Saturday because I can’t risk it.

In other words. It seems to stabilize things.



Somebody else used the word “Sticky”… 72hrs into my Soylent experience I tend to agree. I didn’t experience this on Schmoylent.


I think it has to do with the balance of fiber. Schmoylent uses primarily psyllium husk for fiber, so its more soluble fiber than soylent.