Soylent 1.3 Shipping Today


Soylent 1.3 Arrives Today

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Soylent 1.3, the latest milestone in our development of an increasingly efficient and environmentally-friendly staple food. With the inclusion of dipotassium phosphate and a reduction in the size of our shipping boxes, we have incrementally improved both your Soylent experience and our distribution efficiency.

The last Soylent 1.2 shipments left our warehouses yesterday, and starting today (11 Dec 2014) Soylent 1.3 will be the only version shipping to customers.

What’s New in Soylent 1.3

Soylent 1.3 now contains dipotassium phosphate, which replaces potassium gluconate as the primary source of potassium. Through this change, we have been able to improve the neutrality of Soylent’s flavor profile while decreasing the mass of the Soylent pouch to 432 grams.

You will also notice that we have made a slight change in our packaging with another reduction in the size of our shipping boxes. Customer feedback has indicated that surplus volume in our shipping boxes is inconvenient, and we are working constantly to make the packaging as space-efficient as possible.

Update on Gluten

Making Soylent free of all major allergens has been a priority since conception. While no ingredient in Soylent 1.3 naturally contains gluten, our oat flour is produced in a facility that also processes wheat products. Even with an allergen containment program in place, Soylent contains gluten at a concentration greater than 5 parts-per-million, the upper limit for gluten free certification from the Celiac Support Association.

The cross-contamination challenges of oats are significant. From the farms where they are grown, the containers in which they are transported, and the facilities that process them, oats have numerous opportunities to come into contact with surfaces shared with wheat, barley and rye. Certified gluten free oat flour has proven extremely challenging to source at scale, and several promising alternatives to oat flour are currently under examination. We look forward to releasing a future Soylent update which is certified gluten free.

Future Development

Thank you to all of our customers who have taken the Soylent journey with us, through the crowdfunding campaign, our release of 100% animal-free Soylent 1.2, to today’s announcement. Your feedback continues to be the cornerstone of our product development process – we look forward to hearing what you think of this updated version. As of today, all orders being shipped to you, regardless of order date, will include the new formula.

Our product development team is moving at lightning speed to further enhance your Soylent experience, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on Solyent 1.3 to include in any future versions of the product.

Suggestions on v1.4 in here, por favor
Suggestions on v1.4 in here, por favor


… when are you shipping to Europe?


@Soylent no mention of gas? Has this goal been tabled?

EDIT: Otherwise, glad to see the packaging improvements and interested to see how the potassium change impacts Soylent. Keep up the good work!


No updates on that yet, will definitely share once progress has been made.

Definitely not, we are working on several fixes for the next version(s).


Wow, and I thought the Soylent 1.2 packaging was already compact!

Also very curious how the potassium changes affects taste. Looking forward to getting 1.3 once I run out of 1.2!


What about the copious feedback about the gas emissions from some of your customers? I haven’t heard any packaging complaints in quite some time but quite frequently hear complaints about the amount and smell of gas some customers are experiencing.


Some changes take longer to implement than others – we are working on several significant fixes to the flatulence/digestive issues that will be included in future releases.


Holy misplaced priorities, batman.


Diet is harder than you probably think.

It’s not like they’re going 'oh, farting isn’t a bug, it’s a feature! Marketing by smell! Revolutionary, amirite guys?!" while ignoring customer feedback.



looking forward to it


Regarding your desire to make Soylent “free of all major allergens”: I understand that the word “soy” is right there in the name… but it would be awesome if you could find a way to replace the Soy Lecithin with something else. More and more products are starting to use other things to replace soy.


People have been complaining about the gas since 1.0. Their main reason for this release is the potassium and packaging. To my knowledge no one has been complained about the type of potassium or the packaging. If anything I’ve seen people complain about the magnesium and gas. I don’t know what “customer feedback” they are referring to when they came up with the features for this release especially since the majority of the feedback is about the gas issue.


Some problems are easier to solve than others. Would you rather they hold back incremental improvements until they have the bigger changes ready?


This. I’m mollified that they responded quickly to my own comment about the gas and glad that they’re keeping the version changes coming. Reformulations like the ones required for a fix to the gas issues will probably require a lot more in the way of testing and analysis, not to mention the potential for any supply issues they may have run into.

I mean, I wish it was fixed, but as long as they’re still working on it I’m happy to have smaller boxes. I’d have been complaining about the boxes if I thought they could get smaller (and if I hadn’t been busy burning out my sense of smell) :slight_smile:


As a software engineer, YES. If I released an app with as big and glaring a bug as the gas issue is for Soylent it would be at the top of the list of things to fix and there wouldn’t be incremental releases in the mean time. One of the points of Soylent is its an engineering solution to nutrition and hunger. As such fixing minor issues ahead of major ones makes no sense.


As a software engineer you don’t have to test your product’s safety on people. Chances are the changes they have in the pipeline re gas (and they ARE in the pipeline, according to Soylent) are more significant than changing from one GRAS source of potassium to another. Since these changes are orthogonal there’s no reason to artificially block progress because a more important improvement hasn’t been fully vetted yet.

Edit: And recall that the last attempt they made to fix the gas issue (1.1) had very little improvement for most people, had unwanted textural side effects, and may have even caused dangerous glucose spikes in diabetic and pre-diabetic people.


Thanks for the update & the hard work - I know it ain’t easy.

Also keep trying hard to sort out international orders/shipping, as well, please.

Time to start waiting impatiently for my 1.3 in my next sub shipment. haha


I’ve never seen a company that moved as fast as Soylent. I liked 1.2, and I liked the boxes! Looking forward to 1.3, I guess.


I know what you mean, but realize that their “speed” comes at the cost of an extremely long induction period between placing and receiving your first order.