Soylent 1.4 3-day experience & some advice requested


Hey all,

I just received my Soylent 1.4 on Friday and was excited to check it out. I had consumed one week of Soylent 1.3, with the intention of going 100% Soylent by the end. I had ramped up with 1.3, but perhaps a bit too quickly, and by the end of trying to do 100% I was having horrible headaches and felt symptoms like I was getting an illness so I stopped. I speculated that part of it might have been from not having enough salt as compared with my previous diet (I eat healthily, fruits and vegetables, lean protein (mostly chicken and fish), high-fiber whole wheat bread and rice, some sugar, but usually limited).

When 1.4 came out, I saw that there were improvements including more sodium, so I thought I’d give it another try. I’ve been following the ramp up suggestions, had 1/3 of my daily calories in Soylent on Saturday, 1/3 on Sunday (usually around lunch, a normal breakfast and dinner) and felt mostly fine. A little “empty” feeling since I’d been used to feeling full, but otherwise ok energy etc. No issues with the flavor or consistency and only minor digestive issues. So far so good.

Today (Monday, day 3), I decided to ramp up to 50% calories from Soylent. I had about 12 or so ounces (300-400 cals) in the morning instead of breakfast, and brought a 24 ounce water bottle to work. Firstly, I don’t know if I drank it too fast in the morning without having water first, but I got a pretty distinct phlegm sensation in the back of my throat that was persistent through the morning. Just as FYI, I saw they said to drink 8 cups of additional water per day, so I’ve been trying to match each 16 ounces of soylent with water to stay hydrated. I drank about another 12 oz for lunch, with the intention of saving 12 for the afternoon, but I started to get the edge of a headache.

In addition, I started urgently having to pee about once an hour once I went for the first time. A small aside, I normally have about a half cup of coffee in the morning, not much, and mornings that I miss it, I usually don’t experience any side-effects except being a little tired, but I will note I didn’t have the coffee this morning. So I had a coworker get me a double tall cappuccino, just to rule out caffeine withdrawal, which of course only made my need to pee more urgent, but I was still consuming a good amount of water. Even though I had to pee every hour pretty urgently, it was almost entirely clear, which indicated to me I was either drinking enough water, or it was going right through me. Is Soylent a diuretic? I feel constantly thirsty, or that my throat is dry or has phlegm after drinking soylent such that I feel I need to chase it with water.

At about 3pm, I had another 8 ounces of Soylent, even though I wasn’t really hungry, and my head started pounding. I also felt kind of foggy-headed and again, symptoms like I was fighting an illness. I’ve since had 2 tylenol and the headache is somewhat better, but I’m a bit concerned that my body is having some sort of reaction to Soylent, that I’m consuming a lot more of some nutrient, or not enough of something, which is leading to the foggy-headed sensation, the fatigue and the serious headache. I’m also frustrated that it’s happening so early this time, after only 50% Soylent consumption.

Any ideas or things I could try or should I just ramp back consumption?



You should only eat if you’re actually hungry (unless you are perhaps trying to gain weight?). What I do is I’ll only have Soylent if I’m specifically craving it (which I always do after I wake up in the morning, so I’ll have a glass then and another glass at some time during the day or night). Most days I’m at 50% (rarely over 75%).

Other than that I’m not sure. Actually, I don’t drink as much water as I’m supposed to. You could try cutting back, especially if you’re still drinking things like cappucino or milk, which are mostly water by weight; and don’t forget solid food can contain a lot of water too:

The dry matter of plant and animal material would be its solids, i.e. all its constituents excluding water. The dry matter of food would include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants (e.g., thiocyanate, anthocyanin, and quercetin). Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which provide the energy in foods (measured in kilocalories or kilojoules), make up ninety percent of the dry weight of a diet.1 Water content in foods varies widely. A large number of foods are more than half water by weight, including boiled oatmeal (84.5%), cooked macaroni (78.4%), boiled eggs (73.2%), boiled rice (72.5%), white meat chicken (70.3%) and sirloin steak (61.9%).[2] Fruits and vegetables are 70 to 95% water. Most meats are on average about 70% water. Breads are approximately 36% water.[3] Some foods have a water content of less than 5%, e.g., peanut butter,[3] crackers, and chocolate cake.[4] Water content of dairy products is quite variable. Butter is 15% water. Cow’s milk ranges between 88-86% water. Swiss cheese is 37% percent water.[3] The water content of milk and dairy products varies with the percentage of butterfat so that whole milk has the lowest percentage of water and skimmed milk has the highest.

Mmm chocolate cake. Good luck!

Edit: I skimmed over the part about your dry/phlegmy throat. I don’t get that but I either chew sugar-free gum or brush my teeth after eating, so maybe I’m avoiding it because of that? Or maybe something else is causing it?


Thanks for the reply. The reason I continued to drink it despite feeling full was just knowing how many calories I normally consume by that time of day and how much Soylent I had consumed. I had around 400 calories of Soylent for Breakfast, and had brought around 650 or so calories of Soylent for lunch and afternoon (leaving around 950 calories for dinner… or half my daily calories). I usually have a significantly bigger lunch than 650, so I didn’t want to be starving myself, even if I felt full (and actually considered feeling full a good sign).

The status update is that I took some extra strength tylenol and my headache mostly went away, also I stopped needing to pee as often. I think I was just consuming a huge amount of water, with both the soylent and matching it with just as much water.

So hopefully the headache was unrelated to Soylent. The only thing that persists is this feeling that my mouth is dry when drinking soylent, which is part of the reason I’m drinking so much water. Not really sure why that is, as you mention you don’t experience it.


Yeah, you probably don’t need that much water.