Soylent 1.4 - disruptive to the Soylent experience

I received a box of 1.4 and haven’t been enjoying this at all. The texture is sort of slimy and thick, like ice cream mix that is semi-frozen. Compared to the neutral flavor of 1.3 (that frankly, I looked forward to every morning) I have to choke down unflavored 1.4. When I first drank 1.4, it was really sweet and I wasn’t happy. Now with a my usual portion (1/3rd of the starter pitcher) I put two shakes of cinnamon to make it barely more palatable.

I made some tonight and put some strawberries in and blended it up and the taste was oddly savory, like the strawberries somehow cancelled out the sweetness and made the Soylent taste salty.

A bit of advice - now that Soylent has tens of thousands (if not more) customers and I’m guessing millions of meals shipped, Rosa Labs should really concentrate on incremental changes to maintain continuity in the experience. Honestly, when I’m done with these boxes of 1.4, I’m waiting until 1.5 and then reading the feedback. For someone who committed to the experience of 1.3, 1.4 is an entirely new product and not one for which I would have committed to.


I’ve got a slogan that maybe expresses my attitude. “Soylent – it’s not just a food substitute; it’s an adventure.” I don’t think Soylent should aim at a dull recipe that will make everyone comfortable. I think it should continue to aim for excellence – maybe greater sometimes, not so great other times, but continuing to get better in the long haul.


Yep. :sunny:

I, for one, am looking forward to Soylent v. 3.0. And beyond.

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It seems to me people who don’t like 1.4’s texture and flavor are extremely vocal compared to those who like it. The old saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease, people will speak up more often to complain but not as much to compliment. I feel it’s pertinent to speak up on these threads with a contrary viewpoint. So here is that. I like 1.4’s taste and texture as is and may end up submitting tons of these sorts of complaint threads if it changes. Or maybe I’ll like the changes too and won’t say anything. Who knows? But I do know I like me some 1.4 for some of the same reasons OP dislikes it. So shrug


It’s interesting reading all of the posts and the differences in opinions and taste. Personally I think that 1.4 is the best by far. I was struggling with 1.1 to 1.3 and had tried multiple ways of flavoring them. But 1.4 finally seemed right just on it’s own.

I don’t know what the solution is. Because of the differences from one person to the next can it ever satisfy everyone? Do they just shoot for the largest percentage of likes? Those of us that like 1.4 would be disappointed if it reverted back to the taste of older versions.

Perhaps one of the problems are the big changes from one version to the next. While it’s important to keep improving the product it still feels like they are experimenting on us. Maybe they need to make more incremental changes that aren’t as noticeable from one version to the next, and/or more behind the scenes testing with focus groups.


If the aim is to be as neutral as possible, then 1.4 is still a bit away from it. I don’t get the sweetness or salty flavor people are talking about… More of a cardboard like taste… Which I assume some other people descrive as “nutty”.

“Soylent 7.0…Now with direct mind upload!”

Some changes might not be possible incrementally. So when revising a product (v0.8 comes to mind, for those who followed this back in the day), you can’t always make less-noticable changes.

Also, there seems to be an assumption that there is little or no behind the scenes testings. This is flat-out wrong. There were many notices concerning beta testers in earlier versions, and recently there was a note that there are beta testers for many variations before each release, the majority of innovations of which never see the light of day.

That’s reassuring. I was not quite aware of what has been going on behind the scenes. So they are definitely moving in the right direction then.

I agree. The taste is OK (although the last version was much better). However, the texture is slimy. I even see what looks like slime trails dripping from the pitcher as I stop pouring it as I drink form the glass. I’ve stopped drinking Soylent nearly as frequently as I did before, and I won’t be buying any more until there is a 1.5 that is sufficiently un-slimy to not gross me out when I consume it.

There is.

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I love 1.4, so it all depends on the individual. I like 1.5 just fine but it is not as filling since it is not as thick.I look forward to the day when you can chose which version you would like shipped.

I also disliked the texture, but found it fixable via either of the following two choices (did not try both together):

  • using more water (I was happy when I increased total volume to 1.5x).

  • adding psyllium husk (5-10g). (I’m a little mystified by this one, but what can I say?)

I gravitated towards the second option. Between learning how to fix the texture and also experimenting with flavoring options, I ended up happier on 1.4 than on 1.3. Now of course I have tons of 1.5 and am happiest with that.