Soylent (1.4) doesn't seem to suppress my appetite for solid food

I find myself eating about as much per day as I did before starting soylent plus the 800 or so calories of soylent I’m having

This isn’t terrible as I’m actually quite underweight, but does concern me a bit.

I’ve only been on it for 5 days now

Easy. Your body craves soylent because soylent gives your body what it needs.

The extra appetite is for the rest of what your body needs.

That is common, I experienced wanting to binge eat after my first few days on Soylent. It is rooted in you associating volume of food in your stomach with how hungry you are.

Soylent is not particularly designed to suppress normal appetite. Since you are already underweight, I would interpret appetite as an attempt to restore normal health, and a good sign. I’m not exactly certain what you are expecting of Soylent.


I’ve found that 1.4 doesn’t satiate me nearly as much as earlier versions did. YEMD.