Soylent 1.4 Expiration

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I’m currently making a batch of Soylent v 1.4 that is supposed to expire this month. I just want to ask around and make sure there is nothing too crazy I should expect… I’ve read around for any warnings on the product but the expiration seems more like a guideline than an actual safety warning.

Planning on consuming in the next couple of hours and would definitely appreciate any feedback from people that have tried “expired” Soylent.

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I have had 1.2 and 1.3 in the last month. No ill effects.


I stockpiled a lot of Soylent v1.4. A lot. I’ve got four more boxes.

As such, I’ve been drinking “expired” Soylent for a month or so. It is perfectly fine.

There’s a lot of threads that mention that the one year expiration date is somewhat arbitrary. Rosa Labs made it two years for a short time, but then returned it to one year in an abundance of caution. Your v1.4 is fine. As is mine.

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Is the expiration date just an estimate? I figured that was the time some of the vitamins/minerals/whatevers start to denature, being better off labeled a “best by” date, rather than an expiration date. (oh crap, I didn’t realize this was an old thread)

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They’re already starting to degrade when it’s manufactured, but you should still have the full potency listed on the label at least up to the “best buy” date, maybe longer; originally they put two years on the packaging, but switched to one year out of an abundance of caution. Fresh Soylent is more potent than what is on the label.

Also, everything doesn’t degrade at the same rate, some stuff will be fine for a long time, other stuff will lose potency much more quickly… vitamin c for instance.

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