Soylent 1.4 is disgusting!


I’ve been drinking Soylent since it began, and this is the most disgusting one… I can’t even stand it…

I’m a Soylent vlogger, and here is my video about it if you wanna see it, what are y’all thoughts because my gag reflex kicks in so fast it’s not even funny… @Soylent please consider changing it back or fixing the goo shit because it’s nasty!!!


Get off the fence, how do you really feel?

Mmmm… Smooth creamy Soylent 1.4. Yum! Love it :smiley:
It took me about 5-6 meals to warm up to 1.3 but I was digging 1.4 from the first creamiliscious sip…


Hahaha, so funny. Yeah, I was getting the feeling he thought it was disgusting. Still not sure. :smile:


@elonlyman, might I suggest you try pouring half a glass of Soylent, and then adding a bit of water. It doesn’t take much to improve the experience, maybe 10-20% the amount of Soylent that’s in there.

You might also want to then add your favorite flavoring and see how that is too.


I need to look up some Soylent recipes then. c:


Noooooooooooooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew broooooooooooooooooooooooo


Yeah the srigyness almost made me throw up this morning lol


I honestly liked 1.3 as soon as I first tasted it. I have been feeling overall better over 1.4 but I don’t look forward to drinking it like I used to.

I have found that drinking 1.4 at room temperature helps with the taste by a lot. It is as you guys say is a matter of texture. When it’s kept in the fridge, the extra fat in 1.4 get’s kinda thicker and slimier the colder it gets. I actually take some out of the fridge and leave a Blender Bottle full of Soylent out for about an hour for it to get at room temp then I start drinking it.

The issue is the convenience factor because this isn’t as convenient as it was with 1.3 where you would just pour some and then drink it. Now it’s trying to figure out how to get it at room temp while at the same time preparing a days worth and without it spoiling. But it needs to be in the fridge for it to not spoil, and as we know is a bad thing for the texture.

I guess the only option is to prepare each 670 calorie meal at a time with a Blender Bottle and not going the full-pitcher worth everyday to avoid having to wait for it to warm up.


Adding a bit of room temperature water to your glass of Soylent not only warms it up a bit but also thins it out.


Yeah but then you are drinking more of it and cuts on the convenience of it a little in it’s own right. Instead of drinking 18 ounces you’ll be drinking 30ounces or maybe more.


I agree, it does cut down on the convenience. But not very much extra water is needed to have an impact, and Soylent doesn’t supply enough of our daily water needs anyway.


That’s true.

It does depend on individual tastes tho, some may need more water and some less. The added water will make it not chilled anymore but at the same time it’s already dissolved and no shaking is necessary.


I’m totally fine with the taste, but can’t stand the sliminess of it. Adding more water hasn’t helped much at all. (I’m up to 2.3L of water per pouch so far)


I’ve got to go ahead and agree on the sliminess thing. It has to go for 1.5. Soylent is psychologically difficult to drink lol.


I’d never had it till 1.4, I think its fine. People often react negatively when something they are used to changes.


Agreed. Version 1.4 is… mucilaginous. I literally cannot even. I suppose I’ll have to mix my own from now on, sadly. I’ve been a $250/mo customer since May 2014.


tl;dw he doesn’t like the texture. Video is very childish and generally unproductive.


[quote=“cmcoffman, post:16, topic:19811, full:true”]
I’d never had it till 1.4, I think its fine. People often react negatively when something they are used to changes.
[/quote]This is my first time drinking Soylent too. It’s super slimy.


At first, I didn’t get what people were talking about with the sliminess. Then yesterday, I brought it to work for the first time. I just kept it in my cheaply insulted lunch bag, it had neared room temperature. It still didn’t bother me, I’m kinda known for my adventurous palette anyway, but I could see how it could bother some people. My suggestion would be to make sure you drink it cold.

Also, now that I think about it, the container I use for (mixing and holding) the lunch “meal” is slightly bigger than my normal ones (18oz vs 16oz). Since people say further dilution can help, maybe there is some textural issues at slightly above the recommended ratios?


I actually really like it! This is the first Soylent I’ve tried, but I drink it room temp or cold (better cold) and don’t mind at all. I don’t even add flavor. It’s not amazing but it’s not bad either, IMHO.

I’m sort of envious of you guys who tried 1.3. It sounds like a thinner, tastier formula. The change log is pretty striking 1.3-1.4, so maybe it’s a necessary evil?