Soylent 1.4 is disgusting!

So slimy!!! It isn’t too bad if you hold your nose and drink it super fast.


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or reduce sliminess in 1.4? :smiley:


It sure seems that the folks who are most negative on 1.4 are the folks who were already drinking earlier versions. People newer to Soylent seem more open to it.


1.4 is the first one I’ve tried apart from a couple of DIYs, and I think it tastes great. And not even in a “great for what it is” way, but just a genuinely good flavor. I was quite surprised. I bought a pack off someone and ended up ordering a subscription before I’d even finished the glass.


You have to drink a lot more liquid than you get from just Soylent anyhow.

This is important folks! Some people don’t take to “new” very quickly but many adjust over time. Please don’t post negative reviews until you’ve had a few days worth… And when you do, please post something constructive!

“People just don’t like change” is hardly an argument, in and of itself. You need more substance than that, otherwise it’s an empty apologist “counterpoint”. [I’m not trying to sound confrontational, sorry if I come off like that]

We’re talking about personal tastes here, and unfortunately there really isn’t much in the way of right or wrong.

1.4 is too slimy for my taste. It doesn’t matter if it just changed to that now, or if it was like that from the beginning - I’d have the exact same reaction: problems drinking it down. (fortunately, I at least enjoy the taste, which also changed quite a bit from 1.3 to 1.4)


Sorry… didn’t mean to imply that with time you would realize that the slimy is actually rich creamy goodness!

Seriously though, we do adjust to some things. The term “acquired taste” comes to mind. It took me a few days to warm up to Soylent 1.3… by the 3rd day the strange taste (and aftertaste) seemed to vanish and I actually looked forward to it. Acquiring a taste for cigarettes or alcohol have not been priorities for me and I still avoid them. In an effort a few years ago to ween myself off of cola I started mixing a small bit of diet cola in with regular cola at the fountain in restaurants. Of course on Soylent I’m drinking a lot less cola (with muggle meals) anyway… but I used to HATE the taste of diet soda and now I can have 60% diet 40% sugar and it doesn’t phase me… I actually prefer the taste with at least 20-30% diet in there now over straight cola. In worst case scenarios I can actually drink straight diet although prefer not to.


Obviously the goal for RL should be a product that taste great to everyone on the first sip… I wonder if they were caught off guard by some of these reactions…

No worries. :]

I know we adjust to things - but that still doesn’t mean much. I have gotten used to chronic pain. Doesn’t mean it’s a good thing! “Anything someone doesn’t like, they are wrong - they just need to keep trying it until they get used to it, that’s all.” :wink:

Now you’ve got me interested in 1.4!


[quote=“GregH, post:29, topic:19811”]
Seriously though, we do adjust to some things.
[/quote]This is true. I maintain that 1.4 (again, my first Soylent) is super slimy, but I’m drinking the last 1/4 of my first pitcher now and my reaction has been “I can tolerate this.” That’s a lot different from my original reaction of “I don’t know if I can keep doing this.” However, “Great to everyone on the first sip” would be quite preferable.

Also, and I’ve said this before, but the flavor is great. Water only.

[quote=“GregH, post:29, topic:19811”]
I wonder if they were caught off guard by some of these reactions.
[/quote]I know, right? I’m extremely curious about this.

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Rosa Labs goes above and beyond to satisfy all customers.


I’m just waiting for them to start using people. My guess is version 3.2.


Each and every bag gets special attention and care. Very special.


It sounds to me like this issue can be solved by increasing the water. Which is fine with me. I had to reduce the water with 1.1 on. I still have a month of 1.3 so I guess I’ll be enjoying it while you people figure out how to change your prep to make it fit your desired consistency.

Just made my first pouch of 1.4, and had my first meal. I like it the best of all versions so far.
Smoother, creamier, less gritty. I still have about 3 weeks of 1.3 left, but will probably keep eating 1.4 and have 1.3 as back-up.

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Not everyone does. I tend to not drink much else, and certainly I wouldn’t say I drink “a lot” more liquid than Soylent.

This thread had me worried but my 1.4 arrived and I love it. I gave some to my wife for a taste test and she loved it too. Said it reminded her of thick almond milk. My son also tried it and thinks it tastes good, but great with a little honey.

I’ve been having Soylent most of the day and then a large conventional meal in the evening. Even with a plate of fantastic homemade food in front of me I find myself craving the mother’s milk.


At the end of the day, how much water is necessary varies among different people.

That being said (and @wingedwolfpsion’s point is), the Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is 3.7 liters of water a day. An all-Soylent diet provides 1.6 liters of water/day. So that leaves roughly 2.1 liters of beverage that the average male should make up, if on an all-Soylent diet.

IOM Dietary Reference Intakes

That’s a lot of water!