Soylent 1.4 is fantastic! (as is)

Lets hear it for Rosa Labs making a great product!! Thank you RL!!

Satisfied customers need to make just as much noise as the complainers. Otherwise a vocal minority could get their way and we all could be staring down at white bags of vanilla Nesquik when 1.5 comes out. Help save Soylent from becoming a powdered milkshake. If you are a 1.4 fan and are happy with this fantastic product, leave a post saying how Soylent has enhanced your life!


We love you Rosa Labs and are thankful for Soylent! Here is a pic of @xmathematicsx house while making this thread…


I ordered my subscription too late! The last 4 days with out Soylent have been a bummer. Time, money, nutrition and efficiency all lost this week. I really like the flavor and texture of 1.4.

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Thought about starting a thread like this… But then this is the internet and you know how these things get out of hand. Even though it might be fair that there be a “Soylent 1.4 is fantastic as is” against the “1.4 is disgusting” and similar threads, couldn’t all this have been done in the “Log your opinions of 1.4” thread?

But yeah, while I’m here… Soylent 1.4 IS fantastic as is. $0.02


…I like it!

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Yeah, 1.4 is great. I am down to my last bag before my next batch comes and I am soooo bummed. :wink: 1.4 is hearty and filling and smooth. I am sure they will continue to improve it, but even if they didn’t this would hit the spot.

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I have been very happy with 1.4 - so much that I have been selling off my 1.3 supply.

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I give 1.4 two thumbs up.

Have been consuming Soylent for roughly 5 months (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4).
Started using an immersion blender 2 months ago.

I must admit that I had a rocky start with 1.4 but came to love it within four days or so.

I’ve only recently started adding PB2 (2 tablespoons to full pitcher) just to mix it up a bit flavor wise.
When I get bored of that will explore the Hershey’s Cocoa powder options.
I have tried some of the typical coffee flavorings but never did find one I really liked.

To each their own.
Hopefully, fingers crossed, Soylent will strive to meet the needs of the most people while upsetting the fewest.
Interesting times.


I agree, initially after having v1.1 through v1.3 and really loving v1.3 I didn’t like v1.4 but now it’s my favorite and I’ve grown to crave it even more than v1.3.

v1.4 is just nearly perfect.


I’ve always been a huge fan of Soylent even when I couldn’t use it without making my home a biohazard zone (horrid gas). Version 1.4 has been mostly great. The first taste I thought to myself “OMG I can’t drink this”. My body/brain got used to it very quickly and I can easily drink it without modification. I do add Hershey’s Dark Chocolate cacao just because I love chocolate. The gas is still an issue but it is mostly manageable now.

Keep up the excellent work Rosa Labs. You are changing the world!


Love it! Much better than 1.3


No gimmicks. No McDonald’s. Just pure science-based nutrition to get me through an all night cram session. Cheers!


LOVE 1.4!!! Best version yet!


I also love 1.4 !!!

It is the first version I’ve been happy to drink as is, with no additives or flavorings. It doesn’t give me gas like other versions had. It gives me sustained energy throughout the day, so much so that I hardly need to drink coffee any more unless I’m staying up way past my bedtime to get work done. The ease of making it is also unbelievable. I can take an extra pouch of Soylent in my bag in case I am in a pinch, it’s easy to prep anywhere/anytime and tastes fine made fresh IMO. It tastes better chilled over night, but that’s not necessary for sure.

What I like to do is drink a pint of Soylent with a bit of snacks (like cheesy chips or jerky). That gives me the flavor component that I am craving, and the Soylent is basically like chugging a glass of milk along with it. It fills me up and leaves me feeling totally satisfied, energized, and happy! Love it!

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I love 1.4, and I think it’s much better than 1.3. I have noticed that 1.4 keeps me feeling full, or not feeling hungry, for longer than any of the previous versions. Probably due to the increased fat. I usually add a few tablespoons of cocoa powder. About the texture, one night I tried using hot tap water to make my Soylent, and I noticed it made a HUGE difference on texture/ creaminess the next day. The drink is thinner now, after chilling in the fridge overnight. No idea why hot water makes a difference, but it really does.

I LOVE 1.4!! Keep rocking on, Soylent Team!

1.4 is my favorite version thus far, too.

Having 1.1 before, I can definitely say that 1.4 is far better. I also have no desire to try any third-party soylent anymore.

I love 1.4 as is, and am interested in an update to 1.5 only if Rosa Labs is actually trying to improve it according to their stated goals. Better nutrition, more sustainable, lower cost, good. Sweeter, no thanks. I can do that myself.


1.4 is awesome. I don’t find it slimy or salty as people make it out to be. The taste isn’t bad either and you can always tweak it to your preference. As long as they keep on improving, I’m all for it!