Soylent 1.4 is fantastic! (as is)

I was terrified when I read the title of a new, popular thread in my Soylent Disclosure Digest reading "How many of you are canceling your Soylent subscription because of 1.4?"
I talk up Soylent on a daily basis to my friends, family, coworkers and classmates.
Reading the thread made me check social media sites with individuals claiming “taste so bad it makes me want to gag as soon as it hits my tongue”.
As terrified as I was, I’ve been blown away for the few months I’ve been subscribed to Soylent, by the great taste, ease of use, money savings, and tremendous convenience.
There in the corner of my room sat my two unopened boxes of 1.4 awaiting me.
The night struck when I became so overwhelmed with curiosity that I ripped the box open and tried out the new formula.
I want it to be incredibly clear that I absolutely love the taste of Soylent 1.4.
I entirely understand that it must be difficult producing something that pleases the vast majority of consumers.
I simply want to voice my opinion and make sure my one vote is accounted for.
I love the taste of Soylent 1.4, arguably more than any previous revision.
Thanks for what you’ve produced Rosa Labs. It has helped me physically, financially, and educationally.


Soylent 1.4 fantastic? I don’t think so.

I’m consuming it thanks to the magic of peanut butter and chocolate powder. Were it not for those I wouldn’t be able to stomach the atrocity that 1.4 is.

Just because you can’t taste the disgusting flavor, either because you lack the chemical receptors in your tongue or because you are genetically preconditioned not to find that flavor offensive, doesn’t mean you should ask RosaLabs to alienate the rest of their customers who do, by requesting them to keep v1.4 unchanged.


Ladies and gentlemen do you see what the American food industry has done? They have turned our palate into sugar and salt sensors. This gentleman is evidence of that. 1.4 took away the vanilla and reduced the sweeteners and now this individual lashes out in anger. Its simply sugar addiction. His/her flavor receptors have been destroyed by sugar and sweeteners to the point that this individual can no longer tolerate “bland”. Bland is now “offensive” by those addicted to sugar.

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Soylent 1.4 offensive? I don’t think so.

I’m consuming it thanks to the magic of its neutral taste. Because of that I able to enjoy the pleasurethat 1.4 is.

Just because you can’t taste the neutral flavor, either because you lack the chemical receptors in your tongue or because you are genetically preconditioned not to find that flavor neutral, doesn’t mean you should ask RosaLabs to alienate the rest of their customers who do, by requesting them to change v1.4.


I’ve become addicted to 1.4.

A day without a couple of meals being replaced by 1.4 has me craving the stuff.

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I love the taste of 1.4. This is my first time on Soylent and I’ve been consuming 1.4 almost exclusively for about a week. The first time I tried it, I found it to be very neutral, but pleasant, almost like pancake batter. Now, as time goes on, I feel like I’m having a vanilla milkshake. I don’t mean that as a complaint. I’ve clearly adjusted so much to it that now it tastes very flavorful and sweet to me. I also still feel like it’s very versatile and neutral enough to be mixed with things. I’m glad it’s not sweeter. I’m glad there’s no vanilla flavoring. I can’t imagine I would like it that way.


I’m just glad to see a thread based on positivity instead of negativity.


I just had my first glass of Soylent 1.4 (1st time Soylent user) and if I had to describe tasting nothing it would be this. If anything it tastes slightly oaty…like oatmeal water. It didn’t taste salty, sweet or slimy (thank god) to me although there is an ever so slight sweet aftertaste. I feel like the neutral palate was definitely achieved and while I do not HAVE to flavor this to get it down, I know I will more often than not for variety. I’m so relieved that I like it after the broad range of reactions on here!

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Having used all previous versions of Soylent, I can honestly say that I like 1.4 better than previous versions. I hope Rosa Labs continues improvements in nutrition, packaging and sustainability - without flavorings and “additives” that distract from the goal of furthering Soylent as a quick, efficient and nutritionally complete product. Thank you Rosa Labs - keep up the good work!!


There are plenty of things I think are bland, but tolerable. I think Soylent straight-up tastes bad, and I’m on 1.3. So maybe don’t make sweeping generalizations about biology like we’re a bunch of doped-up junkies.

But hey you’re such a smart trendy dude what with your mechanical design books and mid-sized computer monitor

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I was afraid of some of the complaints people made, but ordered 1.4 anyway. I have had no saltiness, no sliminess, no separation, no aftertaste. Zero problems, and all kinds of good results.

I find it satisfying, pleasant without being “strong” in any flavor or texture, and a breeze to make, drink, and clean up. I look forward to my Soylent meals so much it helps me drive past drive-throughs, which are one of my dietary weaknesses. Someone brought doughnuts to work and I sincerely preferred my Soylent. At a party I ate one slice of celebratory cake, and did not graze the snacks like I usually would. Soylent is going to be a positive change for me, long-term.

If nutritional adjustments are needed to better fit our bodily needs, that’s okay. Please don’t go tweaking the aesthetics though. I think it’s close enough to being Right that fiddling with it too much won’t make it better.


I personally think 1.4 is much too sweet.


What’s with the personal attack? And yeah, if you can’t tolerate Soylent, which is basically adult baby food, your taste buds are shot. Try not eating sugar for a week and try 1.4 again.


Even if, say, half of all customers disliked 1.4’s flavor profile, that still wouldn’t be justification to pre-flavor the product. One of the primary objectives with this product is simplicity. You are looking at the flavor-free baseline as a negative. If it was pre-flavored and you didn’t like it, not only would you still complain but now you can’t un-flavor it as you could have with the previous recipe.

RL is not ignoring any of their customers. Suggesting such a thing is rash and unfair.

You can add me to the list of people thinking 1.4 is the best version tried yet. Although to be fair I only tried version 1.0 before this. I didn’t mind version 1.0, thought it was perfectly drinkable and didn’t have all the horrible problems some had with it aside from a slight headache the first couple of days. The reason I didn’t keep drinking Soylent and thus experience all the later versions is because the wait to get version 1.0 had me start DIY. If Soylent had been quicker I would have dropped DIY during the learning curve, but after a couple of months I had my recipe like I liked it, the production and ordering smoothed out and was happy to have a lower cost, and I felt more nutritious mix. Although I still really appreciate Soylent for getting all of this started and supporting the Forums!

Why did I try 1.4 then? Well I did like that they lowered carbs and increased fat, one of the big things I was doing Macro-wise with my DIY; but the homerun that made me order was including the fat in the powder. Having to add the oil separately made making the whole mix not much different. Now 1.4 is a easy powder to carry and I just need water to mix up a meal. I haven’t found a way to do this with my DIY so this is a big improvement that gives me a reason to double my costs and as a side benefit make my life easier.

Thought the whole texture/taste thing was great, and several other people who have tried both version 1.0 and my home made versions have all said this version (1.4) is the best yet. My roommate who is supper picky actually said “wow, this is totally drinkable”, now she wants me to to start ordering for her.

So count me as +3 upvotes for version 1.4.

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What the hell is wrong with you people? It tastes like crap!
I’m honestly curious as to what is wrong with your brain, that you think it’s even remotely good.

This is going to be like the “blue and black dress” of the soylent world. :sweat:


Too sweet? It’s not sweet at all.
I’m starting to think people are getting different products.

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It is like manna from heaven!

If baby Jesus cried, this is what His tears would taste like!


Put down your nutritionally complete Soylent, go pick up a vanilla shake from Dairy Queen and enjoy. If you have to have a shake, GO BUY ONE! Stop trying to screw all of us with shakes and smoothies. smh…

Shut up.

You say I made a personal attack when all you do is demonize people who don’t like a certain version of a food-sludge, saying it’s clearly something wrong with them. Taste is subjective, like it or not.