Soylent 1.4 Quaternary Review (To Be Updated)

I will be detailing my experience of 1.4, with updates, over the course of the next year. I realize it is unlikely that 1.4 will be the newest version for that long, so this may become a tertiary review. In a month I’ll edit this review, again in 4 months and once again in 8. At some point, I’m having CBC and lipids done and I’ll share some of the information here. I’ve never had my blood taken for either tests, so there won’t be much to compare unfortunately.

Part I:

A) The experience:

…Good! No, really. 'Tis excellent! I’ve had 1.3 (a week) and it was months ago, but if memory serves this version is only slightly different. It is thicker and, as others have pointed out, if your senses are keen you will notice the added starches and fat. It is a tad salty, but then I never complained about such frivolous things for any solid meal. The actual flavor is hard to pin down - I’d say some kind of oatmeal.

Overall, I really enjoy this version. I don’t hesitate to drink it. I gulp it down. :smile: I might mention that I’ve always hated food and found it a challenge to subsist on even the most “delicious” produce. So of course your experience will vary and if you come into this loving food, it will understandably be more of a transition for you.

B) The effects:

Very good! If this were a traditional food product, I wouldn’t even need to mention B) or C), as the entire process, from cultivation to processing, is to assault your superficial senses - functional depth be damned. With Soylent, in my opinion, A) is the least bit consequential. An added bonus, if it can be bothered with at all.

For the effects, it is top shelf by any measure. I can drink 12oz’s, unflavored and with no snacks, and not think about food or my GI tract for several hours. This is exactly what I expect and it has yet failed to deliver. My muscles have naturally gained a modest tone. My back and neck no longer require elaborate stretching and popping just to get ‘started’ in the first few hours of the day (though sleeping in a hammock also helps with this).

I would be remiss to not include the well known “adjustment period” that one inevitably goes through during such a rapid change in diet. Yes, I got the gas. Yes, it was the typical rancid rotten eggs smell. Many are able to overcome this in a matter of days. I am lucky to not be one of the condemned and have climbed out of the stinkhole quickly enough. I hope anyone reading this can manage to do the same.

C) The plan:

For the next month I will subsist on 1.4. If I eat, it will barely be considered a snack. I plan to invest my energy wisely; a combination of deep sleep, book worming about and maintaining muscle mass and flexibility at the gym. And of course, daily cardio.

I am not in a terrible physical state at present, so I only expect modest gains. Sleep-wise, my hammock has served me well but any amount of deeper sleep would be appreciated. Mentally, I expect more focus and memory retention. Rob himself has pointed out, and I agree, that the attempt to read an entire book in one sitting is now quite possible, time permitting.

I will be getting the widely coveted L-Theanine / Caffeine complex, likely no more than 700mg / 300mg a day, respectively. I should have this in at least 2 months and will be taking it daily. I have no other recreational habits. I do use a select few drugs once or twice a year, but because they are so few and far between (more than 5 month breaks), they are probably not too relevant to my Soylent experience.

In summary:

Great product. More functionally useful than something to be enjoyed (for the vast majority of people that is; my whacky senses also love it). In several months, after I’ve dealt with more pressing matters, I’d like to get involved in various outreach projects in my city that I’ve had my eye on. In part 3 (at the 4-month mark) I will supplement my edit with a Vlog, so look forward to that!