Soylent 1.4 Review (First Month)


My 1 week review (part 1) is here for anyone interested. My next update will be around July.

Part 2:

A) The Experience:

Okay, I’m one month in and really enjoy 1.4. I don’t flavor it at all and don’t really think about the taste or texture. I’ve found that 3 hours of refrigeration is optimal; anything less and I somewhat struggle to get it down. I’ve recently gotten my own pitcher, one that significantly reduces cleanup time and the need for excessive shaking. I prepare Soylent on a schedule where when I wake up in the morning, I have just enough for a filling breakfast. I was tired of waking up and having to wait several hours for my first meal.

B) The Effects:

I’m very impressed. I’ve managed to get through a respectable amount of books in the last month and haven’t felt drained at any point throughout the day, at work or elsewhere. I’ve been using the caffeine + L-theanine pills as a cognitive boost. I have had a day or two where I was unable to use Soylent and found that without it the effects of the pills were more than halved. They seem to amplify each other. Recovering from a workout is also very rapid and soreness has reduced three fold at least. I have far better stamina when I do my cardio and tend to now drag my Malamutes behind me, poor pups. My mood is consistent and I have an increased awareness of my energy levels, focus and habits of mind.

C) The Plan:

The only problem so far has been running out before receiving my next shipment! In order to avoid future mishaps, I’ll be adding 7 more bags to my current 28 bag subscription. I haven’t decided how exactly I’ll allocate the additional calories, but I would guess half will be “emergency” Soylent and the other half will cover the extra days of the month that the full 28 bag subscription won’t cover.

In summary:

Not much to report. No complaints that I can’t handle personally. As I said, I don’t modify Soylent in any way and aside from my C+LT pills I don’t use drugs. I occasionally snack, but this is more due to my 28 bag to 30/31 day per month problem rather than Soylent not providing a good enough product. The thing I want to end with is this:

Food is evil. It paradoxically consumes us. Our productivity and sense of security are too often compromised by thoughts of our next meal - what will it be? Will I enjoy it? How much will there be? How should I prepare for it? These are questions that no 21st century human ought be bothered with. In my next edit (4 months in), I suspect I will be able to report that I don’t think about food, ever. That is my goal and it is easily attainable by upping my subscription. Until then, Soylent on folks!


Very cool! I’ve just added a 14 day sub to my 28 day (as I’m sharing this with a friend). I clearly consume more than 1000kcal/day of 1.4 and that’s even while I’m still burning off my last few batches of Schmoylent and eating almost one normal meal a day.

Also I’ve noticed that with less than 3 hours of fridge time there seem to be a few clumps left in the mix even with intense shaking… whereas after 3 hours (with the occasional shaking) it’s silky smooth.


I’ve had a few friends approach me about getting them on my “plan” as well, like sharing a mobile contract!

The refrigeration thing perplexes me. Regardless of how much or little I shake it, the time itself seems to determine the texture.

If that’s you in your profile pic, are you a runner? And if so, what do you think of caloric restriction / high calorie diets? From what I’ve read, caloric restriction in animals seems to extend lifespan and quality therein, but athletes with good circulation or high muscle mass tend to live longer as well. But… they (we) require more calories, right? I don’t know what to think about this!

Is it possible that these recommendations for really high calorie diets (>2700kcal) are actually unnecessary for recovery / endurance in athletic activity?


I am a runner… usually 30-40miles a week. I also bike and swim although the bulk of my extra calorie requirements probably are due to the running. I find I need at least 2500-2600 kcal daily to maintain (and ideally lose a little) weight.

Of course I’d like to lose a few pounds (and I’ve lost over 12 on Schmoylent/Soylent so far) but don’t want to sacrifice performance! It’s a difficult compromise although substituting useless calories from my old diet with Soylent have been a huge plus.

I’m also concerned about the higher fat, lower carb, lower protein profile (as is @RVDowning… to the extreme) but I’m putting some faith in Rosa Labs and so far it seems to be working fine. I can always add carbs with muggle food prior to a major event and add protein powder afterword…

One of my business partners yesterday told me he signed up new for Soylent on Sunday and is expecting his order today!


Moi??? Extreme??? :smile:

Here is a link to a concoction that I just had Custom Body Fuel (@axcho) create for me. It is 60% carbs/ 10% fat / 30% protein.

I just completed one week of it and like it. It tastes like 1.3. I just ordered a month’s worth.


Ha! Cool :slight_smile: Glad to see @axcho was able to come up with a blend for you. Also neat that it tastes like 1.3 (maybe an option for some of the 1.4 gag folks?)

I think 10% fat is on the edge of extreme… but hey, whatever works for you!

I don’t think I’ve ever paid that much attention to the carb vs fat ratio in my diet prior to soylent (although succumbed to many a pasta-feed carb-load prior to marathons… ) I’ve been on the higher fat blend (1.4 and before that, Schmoylent with extra canola) for over 4 months now and it’s been working great although I don’t know how much of that I can contribute directly to the additional fat. I have lost weight and my running speed has increased although there are many other factors involved.


OP: Could you please share a link to your pitcher?


What pitcher did you switch to? Looking for an upgrade myself…



I use a blender bottle whisk ball to mix Soylent in the pitcher provided…gets the job done. But then again I’m somewhat vigorous with my shaking, almost shake weight like.


Thank you for reconfirminig what I thought.