Soylent 1.4 Spoiling - How long is too long, how were the dates determined?


I am curious to know how to tell when Soylent 1.4 (mixed) is spoiled. Does it taste radically different?

I also want to know how the use by dates of 1-2 days were determined. The science behind this process would be great! :slight_smile:

I am drinking it casually, but I generally throw 3day leftovers away because I don’t know the signs to look for (unlike… ‘real food’)

Help would be great!

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Soylent shelf life

I drink 3 day old Soylent all the time. Never had a problem. I keep it refrigerated.

I did once leave a thermos with a little Soylent inside at work over the weekend. On Monday, I opened it up, and the stench was horrific. Smelled like an overpowering mix of sour vomit and stinky cheese.

I suspect that if it smells OK, it is OK. If it’s bad, you’ll know with no doubt.


I had a bit of 1.0 go bad (I suspect because I wasn’t cleanly my pitcher well back then), and I can confirm that it will start smelling off. Mine was only just starting to go bad so I took a sip before pouring it down the drain, and it also tasted off.


It’s kinda obvious when there is something living in your Soylent. There will be an audible hiss of air escaping when you open the container. If you look closely at the surface you can see tiny bubbles coming to the surface. You may even be able to put your ear up to the side of the container and hear a kind of snap, crackle, and pop of the bubbles leaving the Soylent. If you really let it go there will definitely be a bad smell and taste to it.


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So it’s like Rice Krispies? :wink:


I have consumed 3 day old soylent with no detrimental effects. I just sniff it. If it passes my smell test I call it good.


What version was this?


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I always eat all my Soylent within 24 hours. Although I have been lazily not washing the glass blender pitcher I use between mixes. It started as my wanting to get all the Soylent I could out of the batches and trying to mix a new batch to get some of the Soylent stuck to the sides rather than wash it down the drain. But now it’s just plain laziness. So I’m probably really washing it 3 or 4 times a week instead of every day. That’s probably not a good thing, but I can say I haven’t noticed any sort of change in taste or texture. But with such a minuscule amount that would possibly be left over it’s hard to say if I would anyway.


My stinky old Soylent was 1.4. I did once forget to clean a bottle of an older version (1.1 I think?), and after a few days that got pretty smelly also but not quite in the same way.


On Sunday nights, I’ve been using a 2L and 4L pitcher to mix up 12 servings of Soylent (8 with instant coffee, 4 without) so I don’t have to worry about it until Thursday night. I haven’t noticed any spoilage, though I could swear it must shrink somehow during the week because the last servings always seem to be noticeable smaller even though I measure them all. (Either that, or one of the containers involved is not as accurate as it should be.)