Soylent 1.4 = too much umami?


I liked 1.4 at first, but over time I am liking it less. I think I know why, and I think it’s the same problem others have: The umami flavor of soylent 1.4 is off the charts. Most complaints are about the texture being slimy or gross; umami flavor (it is sensed by your tongue so it is technically a flavor, but is is usually perceived as a texture) is that “goo that coats your tongue” sensation that soylent 1.4 has. If you check the wikipedia page, you’ll see that umami is unpleasant on its own but makes many foods taste better when it is present. I think what is going on is that soylent 1.4 has so much umami, and so little other flavor, that a lot of people get only the umami and are grossed out.

Wikipedia says that you taste umami when your tongue senses glutamates. Are there a lot of them in Soylent 1.4? Could they be toned down?

Salt craving on Soylent?

I just went from never seeing/hearing the word “umami” to reading it about two thousand times.


I think you may be on to something.


I have not tried 1.4 yet, but really wish I could so I could comment on this. Umami should be mouth watering if it is present. I do wonder if it may be true, but instinctively I doubt it is the reason.


Yeah, I seriously doubt umami is the reason. Umami is very distinct. (It is the savory flavor from steak, mushrooms, etc.) I really don’t get that from Soylent, and I use 1.4.

However, most people think slimyness is from the added oils, and I think this is incorrect as well. I think tingrin3 who mention the starches as the culprit is on to something:

I have had the same experience with starches as a thickener in cooking/baking.


I just started 1.4, and three days into it, I’d say it tastes sort of like I’m drinking the liquid butter that they put on movie popcorn! But adding chocolate syrup makes it palatable for me. This seems to agree with your theory.

Hopefully I’ll get used to the plain flavor so I don’t have to add anything (I mostly never flavored it before.) Or maybe the next version will not have this problem.


I don’t find 1.4 gross at all plain, but that would explain why it tastes so good when I add stuff to it.