Soylent 1.4: Why so salty?


I dont think raised salt is the only culprit. I remember somebody saying that sunflower seeds when chewed are salty, and since this has a lot of sunflower oil, it could be salty because of this. Can anyone else who have eaten sunflower seeds or consumed sunflower oil alone, confirm?


@Soylent needs to explore this angle too.


:slight_smile: One thing people who think it is too salty could do… Add more water, equal % extra water as the % or NaCl that was added…

Another thing, salty taste isn’t just the sodium, the cloride helps with that if I am not mistaken. Perhaps for future version, they could try sourcing some of the sodium from other sodium compounds instead of just adding plain table salt.


(Sorry for being a little late to the party)


It doesn’t taste salty to me, but I’m also a salt-loving freak. I’m not surprised it would taste salty to many. However, I feel that it’s extremely important that Soylent has everything it needs already included. Start with that, then tweak the flavour profile from there. Before 1.4, we had to add salt to meet requirements - which defeats one of Soylent’s goals.

It’s still a WIP, after all. We’re getting there.


I’ve only tried 1.0 and 1.4, but with 1.0 and a little salt added, I have to say that it tasted very noticeably salty to me. (I got used to it though, to the point were it would taste weirdly sweet if I forgot to add the salt.) 1.4, on the other hand, doesn’t taste salty to me at all. On the other, other hand, when my girlfriend tried the 1.4, she immediately commented that it tasted quite salty, so it definitely depends on the individual’s taste receptors.


I use Soylent at work. With S<=1.3 I was craving chocolate and chips so much, that every time I walked past the bags of free pretzels and chips in the break room, I was unable to resist the need to binge on salt. That was screwing up my nutritional profile and undoing my Soylent. After I realized what was happening, I started adding salt to my Soylent, and my craving stopped. It’s amazing what your body does, isn’t it?

P.S. for a “duplicate” thread, this has been pretty popular, but only about 20% informative. It’s a shame to see people arguing for the same greater good. I wish we could say “this is a duplicate thread” more gracefully, but also receive that opinion with greater grace.


Just curious, why do companies provide free snacks and that too throughout the day. Free lunch i can understand by why this kind of stuff?


I’ve been eating 1.4 for a couple of weeks now. I don’t notice a saltier taste. Maybe if I went back and tried 1.3 again I would notice it. I add cocoa powder to mine so maybe that helps to cover the saltiness.


I find adding anything to 1.4 covers the saltiness, but I don’t find the saltiness overpowering without adding anything anyway.


The cravings don’t surprise. I read once that cattle will go further for a salt lick than for a water hole. This isn’t like sugar cravings, it is an actual metabolic need. It’s masked, of course, by the food industry’s tendency to put it in everything however, so we usually have too much than too little. So, for those who aren’t 100% Soylent over the course of a day, any normal processed food will have sufficient. For the 100%'ers on pre-1.4 I can imagine the discomfort.

Having said that, I dislike salty especially detected on its own. When I order pretzels in a pub I ask for the salt not to be added. But the salty is not why I’m waiting for next version because I believe I could counteract that with savory.



I’ve never had any pre-1.4, and am not 100% on 1.4 (85-90%); but I do find even with 1.4’s increased sodium I feel the need for more salt; a decent chunk of the remaining 10-15% ends up being saltier foods, like pretzels, or chips, or jerky.

Since everyone’s needs are at least a little different, I have wondered if perhaps sensitivity to the taste is related to the individual need. I’ve always found I need more salt than my wife, but she has elevated blood pressure and mine tends to run on the low side.


To each their own, but just my report it is too damn salty. I used some great tasting extracts to add flavor to other versions but those will not mask this. I may have to try some of the other suggestions.

Not unbearable, just not what I want.


Are the extracts sweetened? Adding a sweetener should mask saltiness (well, it does for me anyway). Of course if you don’t want it to taste sweet you’ve just replaced one problem with another.


So I had my first taste of 1.4 that was salty! Normally I don’t eat or drink anything before drinking Soylent (other than maybe water), but I had just been drinking some (sweetened) spearmint tea and the first half glass of the Soylent tasted super salty! I imagine chewing gum would have that same effect. Maybe this will help someone avoid confusing their taste buds.