Soylent 1.5 6mo old on arival


I just received four weeks worth of Soylent and I noticed that it says it expires on 4/16 which is about 6mo from now. I looked closer at the label with the barcode on the side of each week’s box and it says it was packaged on 4/24/15 which is about 6mo ago.

I was wondering if this is what everyone is seeing or if it’s just when shipping out of PA?

I’m guessing that before they started to ship 2.0 they stock piled a lot of 1.5, but half the shelf life gone by the time you get the product seems strange.


That sounds odd.
Wasn’t soylent still in 1.4 around that time?


This sounds more like new product in old packaging. 1.5 hasn’t been out for 6 months. Has it???


Hmm made me look at some of my old boxes.

Received expire sticker on the box
6/25/15 4/16
7/22/15 5/16
8/22/15 4/16
9/30/15 5/16
10/23/15 4/16

ya I have some use for old boxes :wink:

I believe all my shipments come from BLOOMINGTON, CA


My latest was L5104 exp 4/16.
Last month’s was L5110 exp 4/16
Both shipped from Bloomington.


For the public yes. They probably did produce 1.5 packages for beta testing around that time.


My 1.5 (ordered end of September this year) has a label saying it expires 4/16 too.


Hmm, sounds like they have some excess 1.5 stock since 2.0 starting selling like hotcakes.


I would be willing to buy Soylent with a six-month expiration – but RL would need to adjust the price. Obviously a reduced expiration period reduces the value.