Soylent 1.5 -- are 3 servings (1500 calories) enough for me?


Hi all,

I started Soylent just 2 days ago. I am 5"8 and weigh 145. I run about a couple of miles a day, 3-4 days a week. I wonder if 3 servings of Soylent 1.5 are enough for me. In the past 2 days, I didn’t necessarily feel hungry, But I am asking this just to be sure!



You’ll probably be losing a lot of weight on 1500 a day. Try the Nutrient Calculator


Do you plan to lose weight? try adjusting the data a little to match you better. I suspect you may lose weight at only 1500 calories… For me maintain weight I need about 2300-3100 calories a day, depending on which calculator I put it into.


Technically, no. Soylent is based on 2000 calories. If you only have 1500 calories per day, you will only be getting 75% of your micronutrients each day. That has been one of the criticisms I have offered.


If you eat 25% less food, you will get 25% micro-nutrients… That same logic applies to almost everything and I believe it to be valid in almost all cases… did you know that most diets wont get 100% of everything either?. Heck, try putting a few of your stable food products into google and see how much of each vitamin/mineral it contains and add it up… you will likely not be anywhere near 100% with most of them. Everything that applies to normal food, also applies to Soylent in this regard. (in rough terms)


Makes me giggle when people call Soylent a supplement when really its the other way around. If you live on Soylent, food is the supplement.


Your maintenance calories will be around 2200 (we have about the same dimensions, but maybe not the same gender). If you’re that active I’d bump it up another 100-200 a day. 1500 is usually a weight loss diet…

Though I don’t always get all my calories in a day so I take a multivitamin twice a week. You might consider that too


Hi guys,

Thanks for the input!! Soylent probably won’t be the only caloric source for me. I will probably eat some fruit throughout the day (but no high caloric snacks). My issue with doing 4 meals is that it is kind of inconvenient – I need to bring two servings to work, so either i need to bring a gigantic bottle, or I need to bring two smaller bottles. Either way, it’s not very convenient when I need to travel to work using public transit.


It may be possible to mix it at work if you don’t mind or even like freshly made Soylent (I personally like it just fine like that). Just use cold water and add 2-3 ice cubes and shake it up good :slight_smile:


You could always have a double serving for breakfast or dinner. Remember the serving size is just a suggestion not a rule.


As far as taking 2 meals worth to work I’ll offer this as a possible solution for you:

It’s a 40 ounce/1.2 liter Thermos that I use when taking about 2 meals, or 1 liter of Soylent to work. Apologies if this is already what you meant when you said a “gigantic bottle” - as I am a gigantic person I tend to be a poor judge of these things.


I can vouch for that particular Thermos being both super effective as well as a super pretty color of blue. The only thing I hate is the handle, which is rickety and also SUPER LOUD.

The first time I used it I thought it would be prudent to blend some crushed ice into my Soylent and then top if off with ice cubes. About twelve hours later my Soylent was a nearly frozen solid, icy sludge that took me about ten minutes to get out of the Thermos. So, uh, don’t do that.


If you’re using the scoop to scoop powder from the bag, you’re probably getting more than 500 calories worth per scoop. It’s not a problem if you’re simply drinking a whole bag per day (because you’ll use the whole bag). But I, and you, weren’t/aren’t.

I actually weighed the powder in my scoops and was surprised to find I was getting significantly more per scoop than what the scoop was supposed to yield. I think it’s due to the nature of the smallish mouthed bag-- there’s bound to be some degree of packing of powder into the scoop going on.


And I can vouch for other models as well. If it says Thermos, there are no worries. It is absolutely the best there is out there at a reasonable cost. I would also say that sometimes stores try selling them for more than what they are, so if they seem really expensive just look online or wait for a sale. The Shopko near me basically doubles the price and then puts them on sale half off, so if you don’t get them on sale you pay double, but if you get them on sale you pay the regular amount without shipping costs.


I don’t know if rickety is the right word for the handle as it’s all metal. Metal loops go through metal hooks welded to the thermos that go through the handle which lets the handle swing around. I expect that handle to be attached to the thermos come hell or high water.

Loud, on the other hand, it certainly is. As far as I can tell the handle on that thermos is the only device in the world capable of producing more noise than my ex. When I go to shake it at the office I have to hold the handle specifically so I don’t tank productivity of the whole floor.


Right you are. I knew rickety wasn’t the right word, but I couldn’t recall the precise word I was thinking of (possibly due to sleep deprivation!). Truth be told, I still can’t. Shaky or wobbly are closer to what I meant. Tempermental? There is definitely a particular word I was thinking of but I can’t for the life of me remember it.

Kind of like it’s finicky with how you interact with it. Inelegant? Unpolished? Clumsy? Something like that.


I agree with you. In fact, if I fill the measuring scoop with the powder, I get less than 4 scoops.


I missed this until just now, but are you sure you have the new scoop (1.4-1.5) and not the old scoop (1.0-1.3)? The old one was about 135 ml and the new one is about 115 ml.


I have the scoop that says 250 calories per scoop.


The other possibility is that the bag is not filled with 2000 calories worth of powder.