Soylent 1.5 as a coffee creamer

I’ve been in search for a good powdered creamer, but without the fillers and chemicals. There’s half-and-half, but it can expire. I haven’t broken down and compared the nutrition and ingredients between Soylent 1.5 as a creamer with others. But when my half-and-half expired, I was disappointedly out of creamer in the house, so I tried using my Soylent instead. With a little stevia, I found the taste to be superb! Its a ground breaking moment, having tried using other failed alternatives like whip cream or powdered milk. Unlike milk in coffee, Soylent lightens and makes coffee creamier better than any milk could. I always have Soylent mixed and ready in the fridge, and astonished that it can be used as a ready-to-use creamer. However I think scooping powdered Soylent in coffee might work too, and curious to hear other people’s experiences and thoughts on using Soylent 1.5 in coffee.


Yep, Soylent (pre-mixed) poured over coffee is delicious.

Well, Soylent 1.3 anyway, but I won’t go there :smile:

I brewed an entire pot of coffee once and after letting it cool, used it to mix a pitcher of Soylent. My other half and a friend who was staying with us both reported it was delicious, though I had made the coffee a bit strong. I don’t normally make or drink coffee so I really didn’t know how much was too much. :wink:

Still they said it was like a really strong Starbucks drink. Hadn’t thought to use the powder as a creamer but I can totally see why that would work well.

I use 1.5 mixed with 2x the normal water as coffee creamer