Soylent 1.5 for sale - 3 boxes

Hi! I love Soylent and I had ordered earlier this year (Feb) and was pretty much 90% Soylent. Then I got incredibly sick and found out that I was having an allergic reaction. (Nothing new over the last year I have grown new allergies to many things.) Unfortunately, I will not be able to keep drinking Soylent, so it’s time to sell it.
3 boxes (84 meals) and two bags (8 meals) - $100 plus actual shipping. (I’m in the New Orleans area, LA if pickup is possible!)

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Always a good idea to list city or state, in case someone is close enough to pick up.

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Thank you! I will make that change!

has anyone asked to buy it from you?

Nope. Are you interested?

I’d be interested if we’re able to do it via PayPal payment… My area code is 32068 if you need to try to sort out shipping costs.