Soylent 1.5 preparation method changed? Tried it, lots of clumps

So the old method (from 1.4 instructions) is to fill container halfway with water, add all the soylent, shake a lot, add water to fill, shake more as needed.

The 1.5 bag I made this morning said to:
fill halfway with water
add half the bag
add the rest of the bag
add water to fill

I tried this, and it took a TON more shaking to eliminate clumps than with 1.4, and even then there were some tinier clumps floating at the top that I gave up on. (I opened it to look and there were maybe 1/4 of a pea sized clumps floating all over the top, but I had already spent 10 minutes shaking it around, and gave up.)

I have had mild clumpin issues with 1.4, but nothing this drastic. Was it the change in preparation method?
Is the bag wrong and I should be doing the old 1.4 method?

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I haven’t noticed 1.5 being clumpier than 1.4. I use the 1.4 method (except that I add the whole bag of soylent first, then whey, shake a little, then add ½ the water, then shake a lot; the whey will clump if it isn’t dispersed before it hits the water).

I add half full with water, dump the whole bag in, shake a bunch, fill up with water, shake again. I hope there are a few clumps, and there usually are. No big difference from 1.2, 1.3, or 1.4. I like the clumps.

I think the difference here is the preparation method, not 1.5 vs. 1.4. My guess is that when the pitcher is full of water, you don’t get a vigorous enough shake to fully dissolve the 2nd half of the bag. I prepare 1.5 the same as I did 1.4 (i.e., half or less the water + all the Soylent, then shake, then add rest of water), and I’ve had no clumping issues.


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I’ve been experiencing the same issues with 1.5 as well. I add water, soylent, water, shake, fill again with water, and shake again. I let it sit in the fridge overnight but have noticed it’s much clumpier than 1.4. Actually with 1.4 I never experienced any clumping issue.

It’s bad enough that when I go to pour (I give the lid 2 spins, instead of taking it all the way off) it sometimes clogs the hole and I have to shake it to knock it down.

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I’m now on my second batch of 1.5.

The first one blended up quite smoothly. This one, however, is Clump City.
It also separated substantially overnight, and even looks much more granular in suspension after I HAVE shaken it up.
The texture is a little different as well. It might be a hint of that sliminess that I’ve seen reported, in regards to 1.4.

All that said, it still tastes just fine. I will have no problem swallowing some clumps and lumps in the name of SCIENCE.

I’ve also noticed that with 1.5 I get some powder that gets stuck in the bottom and doesn’t mix up. This happens much more often than with previous versions. After shaking I just use a long wooden spoon to get down to the bottom and loosen it up. I use an immersion blender so I don’t get any clumps.

Is it possible this was limited to a certain batch lot? mine is L5111 - 1.5 - 042015

I’ve also seen others with the same issue on reddit @

I don’t know if soylentconor is here or if there is another mod but I wouldn’t mind exchanging what I have now for a newer batch. I think I’ll go crazy with all of these clumps between pouring and drinking small clumps/chunks of powder. I have over 23-24 bags remaining.

edit: I would be happy to send all or some of the bags left for them to experience and debug this issue if they already haven’t. As a single guy soylent saves me a ton of time cooking and deciding what to eat. Who knows how many hours I’ve reclaimed just pouring a glass of soylent.

I’ve figured out a method that works for me. I dump all the powder into the pitcher, then add water and shake and then fill it up the rest of the way and shake again. I shake it vigorously, but not for very long. When I first mix it, there are a lot of little clumps, but I mix it a few hours before I want to drink it. 3 to 4 hours after mixing, I give it another shake and it’s completely clump-free.

A hand blender with a whisk adapter costs like $20. I bought that as soon as I started Soylent. Never had any clumping issues or had to shake anything. I use the 1.4 method to mix.

For what it’s worth, my second box of 1.5 is a bit clumpier than the first. It’s not that big a deal, though.

I think a hand mixer sounds like a good idea regardless.

He is just @Conor here.

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When ever you have an issue with your order please direct it to so our customer service can be made aware of the problem. While I lurk on discourse and reddit a lot I might miss a post.

Thanks I’ll shoot the team an email and see if they might know more about the issue.


For the most part, I’ve had very few complaints with Soylents 1.2 through 1.5. One thing that bugs me about 1.5, however, is the fact that there is always at least one undissolved lump, up to an inch across, even after very vigorous shaking. This wasn’t true of previous versions.

Do others find this to be the case, or is it just me?

Not finding it to be the case, especially after it soaks. But I put in water, the Soylent, a little more water, and shake the heck out of it before adding the rest of the water.

With earlier Soylents I’d use a whisk as well before adding the rest of the water; you could try that.


I’ve only had lumps when I follow the new directions (water, powder, water). I’ve had better luck with pouring all the powder into the bottom, pouring the water over the top, and shaking vigorously. I use chilled water, which presumably doesn’t mix as well.


It seems to me that 1.5 makes a few more lumps than previous versions.

However the lumps don’t bother me, I like chunky peanut butter more than smooth, and pulp in my orange juice. To be frank, I kind of like chewing on them, especially when I add some PB2 to the mix.

Oh and before anyone asks, yes, I also like Lumpy Space Princess.

Soylent 1.5 preparation method changed? Tried it, lots of clumps.

Also, a few people reported lumps in Log your opinions of v1.5 here.

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