Soylent 1.7 - Can't stand the taste

I ordered the powder Soylent and was really excited to try it since I love Coffiest, but as soon as I actually mixed it and taste it I can’t get over the wet construction paper taste, specifically the aftertaste. It literally makes me gag. Is there a way that I can mix something into it to get rid of the taste or is it just how 1.7 is?


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That’s how it tastes.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to mask. Add a banana, cinnomon, nutmeg, coffee, pretty much anything.
Also, you get used to it to more you drink it.

And finally, has competitors with various different flavors.


I had to blend a pitcher with 2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa and let it sit overnight to make it close to palatable. For me it’s the exterior enamel house paint smell that I can’t tolerate. Hashtag, waiting for 1.8.

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Alright sweet, I’ll try that. Thanks!:slight_smile:

Some people are never satisfied. You really want it to taste like dry construction paper?


Did you chill it? I didn’t care for the tatse when freshly mixed, but after it sat for 5-6 hours in the fridge, I found it to be quite tasty.


RF really should consider bringing back 1.3 – it certainly has an enduring popularity. I wonder if it could be done? I’m not saying it should replace current versions, but since RF is playing with flavors, why not try to please a significant minority of Soylent fans?

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I think I am using version 2.0. I have tried both Original and Nectar multiple times, still unable to finish an entire bottle due to nausea and horrible tasts. I thought Original might taste a little like vanilla Ensure, but no such luck. Since you are using an artificial type of sugar that is metabolized slowly, why not make Soylent sweet, like Ensure? Then it might be palatable. This is so frustrating.

There is no reason to post the same message three times.


Once I chilled it for a few minutes it did taste a little better, but it still has that weird paper aftertaste.

Seems like it’s already palatable to a fair few people.

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I have the feeling that if someone is looking for flavor, or has a notion that Soylent may taste like x, that someone is extremely disappointed when it taste like nothing. Then their brain fills in whatever their brains thinks something would taste like based on smell.

So, if your brain interprets the taste of 1.7 with what construction paper must taste like based on the smell of construction paper, then you have now associated 1.7 with the taste of construction paper.

(x being cheerios milk, or graham crackers milk)


How many? What is the source of your certain knowledge? People should never state an opinion that has no evidence as though it were fact.

I think he’s going by the number of people who have expressed their approval on this site. Perhaps he should have consulted the Electoral College? (joke)

The hell you say.

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You need sources, you require evidence you say? Done.


I think the bad taste comes from the soy powder. If they had a version that used normal (Dairy Cow) powered milk it would taste a whole lot better. It would be on par with maybe a creamer.

Sure, that’s why I said “seems like”. I probably should have said “seems like to me”. Then again, you probably should have said “Then it might be palatable to me”.


Plus Rosa Labs still being in business, although I guess that could be down to that sweet, sweet 2.0 being popular enough. (Or the venture funding hasn’t run out yet.)


Have you read all the reactions of posters here since 1.7 was released? I have, and I think many others also have. Most posters liked 1.7, and it wasn’t close. Those people aren’t going to come back to the site and state their opinions again – they already did that. Go back to December and do your own tally.