Soylent 1.7 - Can't stand the taste


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These days, many people express unfounded opinions as fact. This includes our Really Great President.


This is unlikely. Read information about the sweetener. It is ordinary sugar, treated by an enzyme so that the bond between the fructose and dextrose is farther away. This makes the sweetener slower to metabolize without changing its properties, including taste.


I don’t agree. Soy protein, like whey protein, has almost no taste. In fact, add a tiny amount of plain malted milk powder and any faint taste is masked, in my experience.


I have never tasted 1.7, since I placed my orders recently. My opinions refer to 2.0 only. Both plain and Nectar taste hideous to me. Maybe it’s the artificial and natural flavors, which seem to me to be the only mystery ingredients?


Hmm. Strange, I don’t find it sweet at all. Certainly not enough to mask whatever is causing my nausea as compared to Ensure. I think this taste issue must be very individual. If 40% of those who try Soylent never buy it again, that would be a large audience to ignore, just from the standpoint of profit. See my separate posting on another topic about my Stevia experiment.


This is a very interesting concept, and the Soylent company could test it. One way would be to add various flavors and see how many tasters only taste those added flavors. There may be better ways to test it, too. One way I can think of is to have someone who gets nausea taste each of the ingredients to pin down which one causes the nausea. It’s still the weekend, though, so maybe the Soylent company will respond to my ideas. I hope.


Sorry that I posted in the wrong thread. I have never tasted 1.7. Seems to be very few posters for 2.0, the current version at Am I missing something vital? Could 1.7 and 2.0 be very different?


2.0 is even more popular than 1.7, as you will discover if you read the many comments on this site. Some people don’t like the latest version of 2.0 as much as the older one, but the final consensus is pretty overwhelming. Don’t take my word for it; read all the comments.


Okay, I’ve read many comments, but perhaps not in the right thread. You seem to be saying that I’m in the minority in finding the taste of 2.0 to be hideous and nauseating. I can accept that. Since I’ve already expressed that opinion many times, I will now fall silent (except to reply to any comments that interest me), and I will definitely become a non-customer of Soylent.


You are referring to the isomaltulose. They are referring to the sucralose.


Oh. Sucralose? Was that used in version 1.7? Why are many of the most interesting posts here mostly short and unclear? Sorry if I’m grumpy today.

Neither Sucralose nor isomaltulose has any taste, from what I’ve read. But Sucralose makes me nervous, since it has chlorine atoms in similar positions to many herbicides and pesticides. Ensure now uses sucralose, so I won’t use Ensure as a dietary supplement or replacement. I wish I had tasted 1.7. I also wish I could tolerate the taste of 2.0. But I seem to be in the minority about this bad taste issue, so I should keep quiet.


We do repeatedly rediscover that on this forum.

Yeah it’s definitely interesting to think about — when should you try to make your company’s product appeal to a wider range of people (and how do you do that), and when should you try to make it appeal more to the customers you currently have.

Just thinking about its taste, it is a very subjective aspect — and I imagine it’s pretty tricky to reliably change it, given the aims of making Soylent nutritionally complete and reasonably healthy.

You can, of course, still buy some 1.7 powder and try it.( They only sell it by the box though, which is 7 pouches, each of which is 2000 calories.) I think the consensus is that it’s closer to 2.0 than 1.5 and earlier, but still fairly distinct. (Again, taste, so wildly subjective.)


Oh I missed them re-naming.

Wonder why they did that? I didn’t sign up for mere food! I signed up for SCIENCE!


I am only a mere customer, and I don’t care whether you become a customer or not. However, almost everyone has been pleased or displeased by Soylent at one time or another; as they used to say about the weather where I grew up, just wait a bit and it is bound to change.


Lode, No, I have not. Please share your experiences with them. It is so irritating when people make too-brief comments like this. Are you trying to be a troll, or you just don’t like typing? Sorry I’m so grumpy today.



I, too, dislike the naked taste of 1.7. This is what I do… first, I mix it in a commercial kitchen Bain Marie, a 3qt SS cylinder, I leave it in there for about 18 hours so it gets some air, which helps mute the taste, then I blend in 2 medium completely ripe Bananas, unripe doesn’t work, and 6 oz of Orange Juice. Then in about an hour it actually tastes really pretty good.


Something’s a proven tool :slight_smile:


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