Soylent 1.7 coming on December 15th

As referred by the email we just received.

I didn’t think we would have it in December, more like January. I can’t wait to try it though, see if the taste, colour, smell, texture is like 1.6, which I loved. Ingredients and nutritional value as well.

I was just beginning to get used to 2.0, but at the regular price? Nah. :yum:


Yeah, I have been enjoying 2.0 as well. I’ve started to enjoy the Cheerios taste quite a bit, but not going to pay full price for it, and the waste is still a huge problem for me. Hopefully 1.7 is good.

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Exactly. Of course, 2.0 bottles are recyclable, but better to not consume than recycle. Plus, it takes a lot of space in the bin! Pouches are much better for that.

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1.7 is the same texture as 1.6 but with better taste. And less GI-distress. :wink:

Another crystal ball prediction, or have you actually tried it?

@conor said it. Do you even follow the community, bro? But my “crystal ball” has been right every time, as you know. :wink:

Do you have a link? I don’t see anything like that in his post history here.


Does this mean the “need more now” button will return on Thursday morning?

The only information I’ve seen so far (not that I read every post from every thread) is this one, from Soylent’s Conor on 9 November.


As anyone who has watched these comments long knows, different people react differently to Soylent, so I wouldn’t trust reports on whether 1.7 tastes “good” until you know how it tastes “to you”. I’ve liked every version since 1.2, however, so I look forward to 1.7, with my fingers crossed.


I agree… Although some versions (like 1.6) took me longer to like than others…

My 2.0 for this month should arrive tomorrow or the next day, but I’ll be hitting up this button ASAP! It’s like Christmas in December.

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False. We will all tor the party line. 1.7 tastes good. So sayeth Mr. Parker.

I just finished off my 1.6

I want powder Soylent for lunch only, excited now.

So you mix one cup at a time?

Always. The pitcher is wack.

Rougly 2 scoops + other ingredients. I get about 4 meals per bag.

Yeah, I mix individual 400 calorie servings in blender bottles for lunches, too (using a scale for precise measurement). I don’t mix a full pitcher unless I know I’m going to consume it within two days. I don’t want to risk losing any precious Soylent to spoilage.

Have checked compaction with 1.6. Scoop was always so inaccurate before. Do you drink at room temp then?

Ice or cold water at all? The canisters should help this method. Last bit of powder will be trickier than with the gusset pouches though.

I mix with room temperature water and stick 'em in the fridge. I usually prepare them the night before. 1.6 mixes super easy, though 1.5 wasn’t too bad in the blender bottle. (I don’t have experience with earlier iterations.) I found that when I mixed 1.5 in the pitcher there would always be dry spots stuck to the inside walls. I’d have to use a spatula or something to scrape them off and continue shaking. 1.6 mixed nicely in the pitcher when I’ve made full batches.