Soylent 1.7 coming on December 15th

Which size blender bottle do you use, and do you bother with the ball?

28-ounce Classic with the ball. Plenty of room for 500 cal servings (and slightly more if you observe the single serving powder to water ratio). I add the water and place the bottle on the scale as I weigh the powder. No fussing with the scoop.

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Versions 1.0 to 1.5 all grew on me, but I never did get used to the taste of 1.6. It was just gross to me, even with coffee or chocolate added. Really like 2.0 (except for the price). Hoping it’s more towards that than trying to preserve the algae blah.

I have mixed Soylent in the fridge for five days, sixth morning without detecting spoilage. Just FYI :smiley:


Yeah, they really loaded up on the fake sugar to cover the algae taste. Blech.

Thanks for the info. Now I wait for them to ship to my home country (Costa Rica)!

Yeah, I’ve read that a bunch of people go beyond the admittedly conservative “consume within two days” advice without issue. I’m just being cautious. I likes me Soylent fresh![quote=“Ode, post:27, topic:26647, full:true”]
Thanks for the info. Now I wait for them to ship to my home country (Costa Rica)!

How do you currently get Soylent shipped to you there?

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1.6 is definitely more stable than some of the older versions. Maybe the microorganisms don’t like the taste either. :wink: Some of the older ones would cause a positive pressure inside the pitcher (probably CO2 from breaking down carbohydrates) after even 36 hours. My batches of 1.6 tend to be consumed more slowly, and they stay stable for at least 4 days.

@conor ETA on “Formula” spreadsheet for 1.7?

Well, that’s talking! I sometimes drink from the same pitcher for 4-5 days without problem myself, but then I got on board with the beginning of 1.6 so I never tried previous ones to compare.

Still, I wish algae would work, because it’s so much more efficient and simpler to grow in reactors than fields of soja (even if this is more efficient than growing meat proteins), but I guess not only Soylent but other companies need to fine tune the recipe before it’s digestible by everyone and mixed in a nutritionally balanced blend.

It would still be interesting to see the environmental footprint of all Soylent products, including this new formula. Conor said their team is working on it.

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Almost same here, I get the same results with or without the ball. I use filtered cold water from mu fridge door,I mix mine with 1 scoop of whey, some pb2, very chewable ice, makes it cold and gives my jaw some work. If I’m making it for later I do not put ice but it goes into a freezable lunch bag for an hour then sits in the work fridge for another 5.

I have almost the same procedure with 2.0 except I add extra water to help dissolve all the extra. It just doesnt taste as good as 1.6 and 1.5 was way better.

I just found this email buried in my “Promotions” folder. One day too late to cancel the substitution shipment. I hope this does not affect my powder subscription.

The powder is now available for sale again:

From what I can tell, 1.7 is almost identical to 1.6, but with the whole algal flour replaced with algal oil. Those who liked 1.6 should enjoy this too I would expect.


“35 Meals (7 bags)”

Is this this first powder iteration Rosa Labs is transitioning from 500 calories/meal to 400 calories/meal?


Wow, the cost per meal keeps going down! :confused:

Edit: I guess it makes sense for consistency with drink… Although bar is just 250. The web page for powder still has graphics for 500 (as of 10:30PST)

1.7 Release Notes [PDF]
1.7 Nutrition Facts [PDF]

I’ve ordered a box. Hopefully with the changes in flavor/texture I’ll find it more drinkable than 1.6.