Soylent 1.7 experience

I have only tried it for a couple of days and after EVERY drink I have an episode of explosive chest pain. It starts right above my left breast and runs into my left armpit and down my left arm. Then my heart races for a few minutes before things calm down. The left chest and arm pain lasts almost an entire minute. I have never experienced anything like this. The severity of the pain today made me scream out. I poured my Soylent lunch down the drain and am quitting Soylent. I am too afraid to take any chances. I only experience the pain during the consumption of Soylent and right after. Has anyone experienced this?

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That sounds like the right choice. Hope you’re alright.


Thanks a bunch. I hope so as well. I was really excited about this.

Sounds like a heart problem?

Pictured below is what’s known as “referred pain”.


OMG! Certainly serious enough to look into. I will make an cardiology appt. Thank you sooo much for sharing this.


That guy has some weird tattoos.


Good grief, that’s scary!

I’m curious, does the pain happen immediately after you take a drink? And if so, would Soylent happen to be the coldest thing you drink that quickly?

I ask because every once in a while I’ll have a similar (but much less severe) reaction to drinking things that are very cold too quickly.


No, usually within a few minutes though. And I drink the Soylent cool to room temperature. I did not like it really cold.

Let us know what a doctor says once you spoke with one. Even if Soylent is the only cause, there might be an underlining issue?

And a ureters…